HOAI-Pro 2014

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HOAI-Pro 2014 Description

HOAI-Pro 2014 is efficient and powerful program to prepare proposals as well as fee accounting and administration. Based on easy to use interface you are able to account simple fee rates as well as to manage and to edit sophisticated projects involving plenty of scopes of service, repetitions and various cost allocations. Besides scopes of service and advisory services according HOAI 2013 and 2009 program also contains contract templates according RBBau. Further you are enabled to account lump fees or temporary fees. By DIN 276 accounting you are able to explicitly determine costs according chosen DIN 276 from April 1981, 1993, 2006 or 2008.

Features and characteristics:
- ready for Windows 8
- all scopes of service according HOAI 2013, 2009 and 1996
- all advisory services according HOAI 2013 and 2009
- scope of fire control according AHO
- scope of SiGeKo-service (health and safety coordinator) according AHO
- scope of valuation (BDVI) various approaches with different VAT rates
- segmentation according Siemon-table or Steinfort-table
- Rift-tables
- accounting according DIN 276 1981, 1993, 2006, 2008
- conversion DIN 2006 or 1993 into DIN 1981
- specific services, surcharges, discounts, additional costs
- several preliminary designs and design documentations
- present structure, local construction supervision
- adaptation surcharge, expansion surcharge
- repetitions, security deposits and extraordinary items
- success fee, time-based fee, flat fee
- proposal invoice, partial invoice, final invoice
- automatic allocation of numbers
- payment list, fee statistics
- calculation of hours
- project management, word processor including mail merge function
- hourly pay slip
- address database, image database
- user administration including allocation of access rights
- automatic updates
- report generator
- fee zone according object list and points system
- templates for contracts (i.e. RBBau) and dunning

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