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C2DtoG15 Description

C2DtoG15 - System applet for Core 2 Duo / Quad. The development of C2DtoG15 is set SystoG15 provides all functions and much more available, so it is no longer worth C2DtoG15 continue to develop.
However, we continue with SystoG15, and here I have a little news that was desired by some, perhaps even longer.
The query of the temperature values for NVidia graphics cards now support up to 8 GPUs, which should suffice for most SLI systems.- Support AMD
- SpeedFan support
- Largely configurable
- Display of UP, and downstreamInterest should be here the following entries:FSBSpeed = 0.00: Here you can specify the FSB of the processor, please with 2 digits. 166.66 or 233.33, etc. So, this parameter is specified, it is used to calculate the clock frequency chosen an alternative path. This could be useful on systems which did result in the previous calculation fluctuating values.The other settings in the section [Speedstep please] use only if your know exactly what you're doing. About these settings a simple multiplier is implemented management. If your system already has such a management features (ie, if the box has already clocked up and down automatically) you need these points at all and you should Enable = 0 can stand there.
For the people which has made no multiplier management this can be realized via C2DtoG15.BUT ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT MAKES SINCE!The maximum values for the multiplier and the core voltage is indicated under MaxClock, the minimum values under MinClock. This you must know your values, and possibly help a careful reading of the previous thread next ^ ^.
The last belongs to this group Steplevel value is exceeded, the processor load, one core, the value given here in percentage terms, the operation of the processor with MaxClock, the CPU load falls below the value specified here, the processor is operated with MinClock. I've put to the values of some comments in the ini file.By default, this feature is disabled in the ini file should activate only if you absolutely certain since. Destroy your processor so you can not, but you can provoke a crash with incorrect values.If you have activated this function, you can peak inside the display button on the processor are 3 automatic on MaxClock.
So, press button 1 -> Peak display press during this peak viewing on Button 3 -> processor runs on MaxClock.
To disable the manual mode, just again Button1 -> Peak display, button 3rd