Reggata 0.1 Beta 4

Software ID: 145712
 (512k)  -   02 m 38 s
 (1Mb)  -   01 m 19 s
 (2Mb)  -   40 s
 (5Mb)  -   16 s
 (10Mb)  -   08 s
Reggata 0.1 Beta 4 Description

Reggata is a tagging system for local files can tag your files with this tool. Basically this software will help you view and organize your files with the utmost ease.Reggata Features:
1. You can associate with your files any number of arbitrary tags (or keywords) and fields (: pairs).
2. Then you can quickly find files by tags and field values. Reggata has a tag cloud (for querying files by mouse) and a strong text query language (for more complex queries).