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DisCleaner Description

DisCleaner is a strong Windows Application designed from scratch to deal with unneeded files created by several other Applications or even by the Microsoft Windows operating system. It was designed to be a generally secured operation Application. The idea is that several sections require extra care.DisCleaner is a Windows tool that deals only with files, let alone empty directories. It's job is to clean only files presented in the categories of the Main window and those expressly specified in the Settings window.1. Temporary files [secure]
Temporary files are of type: [~*.*], [*.~*], [*.?~?], [*.$??], [*.$$$], [*.aps], [*.ilk], [*.pch], [*.rws], [*.sbr], [*.tmp]
Deletion of these files is totally secure and for this reason, this option is a default one in DisCleaner.2. Old unneeded backup files [care]
Old unneeded backup files are of type: [*.bak], [backup*.wbk], [*.bk?], [.b#?], [*.s#?], [*.chk]
While you may still have some of your old data backed up in one form or another (based on specified backup software which involves a specific extension), you would probably observe carefully the extensions of the files (objects) that DisCleaner will search for. If you think these files present no importance, you may freely check this option.3. Old unneeded files [secure]
Old unneeded files are of type: [*.old]
While selecting this option, you should think twice if you need files belonging mainly to MS-DOS (if you are a DOS applications developper, you may not want DisCleaner to mess around with your files). Carefully observe extensions of these files and after that you may check or uncheck this option. Basically, for the common user, this is a secure operation.4. Clean StartMenu [secure]
Ticking this option will instruct DisCleaner to safely remove the temporary files required by old links (eventually not shown in the StartMenu) in the Recent Documents directory of the StartMenu. It is a secure operation.5. Clean disc of extra junk [secure + care]
Extra junk files are of type: [*.dmp], [*.dsm], [*.fts], [*.gid], [finder.dat], []
Extra junk is represented by files created by several programs and basically they are never accessed or they are created again even if they were 'accidentally' (or not) deleted. If you think files in this category are useful to you, do not tick this option. Basically it is a secure operation but involves some care when deciding to remove these files.6. All THUMBS.DB (thumbnails) files [care]
Files matching this category are created by the Microsoft Windows operating system every time you watch over a directory in the 'Filmstrip' or 'Tiles' modes. In fact these database files contain scaled-down previews of each picture file present in that directory. Large pictures directories often generate large THUMBS.DB files. The only problem that occurs if one removes these files is that pictures in the respective folder tend to load a little slower because they are not cached in thumbnails anymore.Before you choose to tick this option, it is recommended to disable thumbnails from within Windows. The steps are as follows:
1. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
2. Double Click Folder Options
3. Click the View tab
4. From the list, tick Do not cache thumbnails
5. Click Ok7. All files matching specified extension
For purpose of extending the functionality of DisCleaner, we have included an option to scan and clean all files matching your specified extension. So, for example if you would like to delete all help files (of course it is not recommended) of '.hlp' extension, you just simply tick this option. Before ticking the option it is recommended to specify the extension you wish to scan for.