Repair Powerpoint Presentation 4.05.01

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Repair Powerpoint Presentation 4.05.01 Description

Kernel repair powerpoint presentation is a file repair utility to repair powerpoint files. Corrupt, damaged and inaccessible .ppt, .pot, .pps files of Microsoft PowerPoint are impactfully repaired and data is recovered from them.
Repair powerpoint presentation program not only recovers the text but it also recovers the images, objects, deleted master slides, media player files, tables, sound files, animations, basic shapes, arrows, word art, stars and banners, callouts, and sound files. Software to repair powerpoint presentation performs deep scanning of the damaged .ppt file to repair and recover data successfully. It supports Microsoft PowerPoint version 2003, 2002, XP, 2000, 97 in stalled on Windows operating system 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista.
Business people, educators, students, and trainers use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation to promote a point of view. Imagine a situation, you have to deliver a presentation in front of your boss and in the morning your presentation file starts showing some errors while opening. At this point of time you need program that will immediately repair and recover your lost and damaged .ppt file in minutes. Recovery of complete data with formatting becomes crucial to you to deliver at the presentation.
Repair PowerPoint Presentation is equipped with two recovery modes depending upon the intensity of corruption: Standard mode and Integrated mode
Standard Mode: Deep and efficient mode of recovery, and helps you to recover data when the ppt files are heavily corrupted. This mode successfully recovers the ppt file of big size but in some complicated cases, it does not preserves the formatting of images, objects, graphics and tables. You will need to reorganize the items again in repaired and recovered data.
Integrated Mode: Fast mode of recovery, helps to recover data from the corrupt and damaged ppt files. It maintains the formatting of images, objects, table, animation used in the ppt file to create presentations.
Repair powerpoint presentation tool displays preview of the recovered data from the presentation files. You can easily view preview in the free to try evaluation version of the program and then decide to purchase full version of the software.
Following error types are easily handled with Kernel Repair powerpoint presentation:
This is not a PowerPoint Presentation file
PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt
Part of the file is missing
This file is not in a recognizable format
'Unnamed.ppt cannot be opened. The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to open a read-only location. Or, the server on which the presentation is stored may not be responding
POWERPOINT.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.
Out of memory errors, or low system resources errors.
Key Features:
Recovers and extracts all the text
Restores formatting, animations, sound effects
Recovers master slides
Recovers deleted slides
Recover images, OLE objects
Recovers password protected Powerpoint presentation (if the password is known to the user)
Recovers data structures
Recovers fields, including hyperlinks (URLs)
Restores headers and footnotes.
User friendly interface, no technical skills required.

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