VirtualMEC 1.7.3

Software ID: 141704
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VirtualMEC 1.7.3 Description

VirtualMEC is a standalone 3D software that simulates building of real construction models.. VirtualMEC is a dedicated 3D CAD software for Meccano models building. VirtualMEC is a stand-alone Windows application. You will not need anything else to virtually build any Meccano model.Building models with VirtualMEC is much as building models with the real Meccano : you start with a part, insert a bolt into a hole, then add another part, add a nut to the bolt, and so on. VirtualMEC contains the rendering and the behaviour logic of more than 600 parts. The whole contents of set No. 10 of 1970's, excluding cords, rubber bands and chains, plus not less than 350 additional parts!With VirtualMEC you can build every type of model, show it in different renderings, print it, apply different colour schemes to it and share model files with other users. Once you have built a model, you can playback the whole building process from the first part to the last one, as a continuous 'movie' or one part at a time at your own pace.Thats the easiest way to build the 'real' version of a model. Just watch each step and apply it to the real model.The following features are disabled in this demo:
Saving models. Printing. Exporting part list. Merging models. Player mode. Saving images. Pasting assemblies. Copying images to the Clipboard. Animating a model using the Motion Panel.