ArcBruTile 0.1.6

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ArcBruTile 0.1.6 Description

Tile Services in ArcGIS Desktop. ArcBruTile display tiles from OpenStreetMap, ESRI, Bing Maps and Geodan GeoServer in ArcGIS Desktop using the BruTile library.ArcBruTile supports:
- all projections;
- client side caching.Why ArcBruTile is developed:
Because ArcGIS, one of the most popular desktop GIS software around, lacks support for non-ESRI tile services, especially the increasingly popular OpenStreetMap maps. And because we're bored searching for the always slow or lost or broken disk/service with actual map reference data :-)
ArcBruTile also solves the projections problem: all tiles are transformed on the fly to the desired projection if needed. ArcBruTile makes it very easy to combine data
with different projections.Requirements:
* NET Framework