Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 2.3

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Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 2.3 Description

PostgreSQL diff tool to help you with your work. Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool is simple PostgreSQL diff tool that is useful for schema upgrades. The tool compares two schema dump files and creates output file that is (after some hand-made modifications) suitable for upgrade of old schema.You can use the binary distribution. Just unpack it on your disk and run it using:
java -jar apgdiff.jarList of Features
1. apgdiff looks for differences in definitions of TABLEs, SEQUENCEs, CONSTRAINTs, INDEXes, VIEWS, FUNCTIONs and TRIGGERs
2. apgdiff creates SQL commands for creations, drops and modifications of database objects
3. CREATE SCHEMA, CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE (except ALTER TABLE ... OWNER TO ...), CREATE SEQUENCE, CREATE INDEX, CREATE (OR REPLACE )VIEW, CREATE (OR REPLACE )FUNCTION, CREATE TRIGGER and SET search_path commands are supported but some specific features of the commands may not be implemented yet (see Note below)
4. Comments, empty lines, SET (except SET search_path), COMMENT, SELECT, INSERT INTO, REVOKE, GRANT and possibly other commands are ignoredNote: apgdiff is no more depending on formatting of SQL commands so it can be used on dumps from different version of PostgreSQL, on SQL commands from pgAdmin, hand-written SQL commands etc. I do the testing on dumps from PostgreSQL 8.1.x. Please note that there are some differences in what parameters are default in what versions of PostgreSQL (for example creation of OIDS) so have this in mind while creating your diffs as apgdiff defaults to the defaults of PostgreSQL 8.x.Requirements:
* Java

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