SkyJUMP 1.2.2

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SkyJUMP 1.2.2 Description

Edit and generate spatial datasets with the help of this tool. SkyJUMP is an open source GIS software for the creation and use of facility maps and data on small to medium sized areas such as cities or military bases. It is written in Java and based on JUMP from Vivid Solutions.JUMP includes:
1. The JUMP Workbench, an extensible, interactive GUI for visualizing and manipulating spatial features with geometry and attributes,
2. An API for performing basic spatial data manipulation tasks, including data I/O, spatial indexing, spatial QA tools, spatial analysis functions, and more.The JUMP Workbench is a graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used to visualize and manipulate spatial datasets. It exposes the functionality of the JCS Conflation Suite (including functions such as warping and conflation) and allows it to be applied to spatial datasets in a handy and intuitive way.Features:
Workbench framework
1. 100% Java (JDK 1.3 and above)
2. PlugIn framework for adding custom menu items
3. CursorTools framework for adding custom toolbar tools
4. Reader/Writer/DataSource framework for adding custom I/O formats
5. Multi-Window interface supports multiple visualization displaysData Formats
1. Well-Known Text (WKT) (can be pasted directly from clipboard)
4. Other GML schemas via Input and Output Templates
5. ESRI ShapefileRequirements:
* Java