MPXPLAY 1.59a5

Software ID: 138892
 (512k)  -   22 s
 (1Mb)  -   11 s
 (2Mb)  -   06 s
 (5Mb)  -   03 s
 (10Mb)  -   02 s
MPXPLAY 1.59a5 Description

MPXPLAY Audio player v1.58 for DOS and Windows by PDSoft (Attila Padar, Hungary) (currently DOS and Windows versions have common docs)Supported file-formats: AAC,AC3,APE,DTS,MP2,MP3,MP4/M4A,MPC,OGG,WAV and CD player/ripper. Supported soundcards: SB Live/Audigy,CMI,VIA,SB16,ESS,GUS,WSSupported filetypes (decoders,demuxers):
1. AAC (Advanced Audio Coding from (in RAW/ADTS/ADIF fileformats))
2. AC3 (Dolby AC3 from
3. AIF (a wav-like container, only uncompressed pcm data is supported)
4. APE (Monkey's Audio from
5. AVI (with AAC,AC3,DTS,MP2,MP3,PCM,WMA audio)
6. CDW (Audio-CD 'ripp and play' on the fly)
7. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec by and
8. MKV/WEBM(Matroska container with AAC,AC3,DTS,FLAC,MP2,MP3,PCM,WMA,Vorbis audio by
9. MP2,MP3 (Audio MPEG Layer II/III from
10. MP4/MOV (MPEG4 and Quicktime containers with AAC,AC3,ALAC,MP2,MP3,PCM audio)
11. MPC (MPEGPlus/MusePack from
12. MPG/VOB (MPEG Program Stream containers)
13. OGG (Ogg container with FLAC,Speex,Vorbis audio by
14. TS (MPEG Transport Stream container)
15. WAV/W64 (Wave32 and Wave64 with AAC,AC3,DTS,MP2,MP3,WMA or uncompressed PCM audio in 8,16,24,32 integer or 32,64 float formats)
16. WMA/WMV (ASF container with WMA (7.0,8.0) and with AAC,AC3,DTS,MP2,MP3,PCM audio)
17. WV (WavPack hybrid lossless audio from additional/external plugins (DLLs):
1. DTS (Digital Theatre Systems from
2. MOD (Module playing based on LibModPlug from
3. SPX (Speex decoder from Features:
1. control with keyboard, mouse, joystick, serial port (infra receiver)
2. playlist handling, drive and directory scan
3. useful playlist related functions (sort, tag-filter, on-screen editing)
4. fast forward and rewind (seeking), between the songs too
5. cross-fade songs in real time
6. auto volume correction; dynamic limiter; surround, speed (freq) control, tone control (mp2,mp3,mpc only)
7. LCD-display handling
8. ID3 tag editor and list maker (list->id3tag, id3tag->list)
9. Unicode (UTF-16, UTF-8) handling (APETagv2, ASF, ID3v2, Flac, M3U8, Ogg)
10. bitstream I/O handling to cut audio streams without re-encoding (aac,ac3,dts,mp2,mp3 only)
11. commander functions (file copy,move,rename,del)
12. FTP-client (works like a local drive)
13. AAC,FLAC,MP3,OGG,WavPack encoding with DLLs
14. DSP and visual plugins with DLLs