CabiDesigner 3.0.2

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CabiDesigner 3.0.2 Description

About CabiDesigner, Do you want to DIY a cabinet? Do you want to design your own taste of bookcase? Do You know how much wood you actually want? Do you know how to cut the board? Do you want to estimate how much the new cabinet cost? Do you want the assembly map for the cabinet that you designed? The answer is Kesway CabiDesigner! It is so easy to use and come with powerful functions. Kesway CabiDesigner can design many types of cabinet furniture as you imaging. Kesway CabiDesigner will help you to design the cabinet, draw out the report of board cutting automatically, estimate the cost and so on.It is a good tools for cabinet DIYer. Kesway CabiDesigner include a lot of good functions for the Cabinet DIYer. WYSIWYG (What You Saw Is What You Get!), user can design his cabinet in a 3D view. User can see the final design result as he is working. User can design his own taste of cabinet furniture such as wardrobe, kitchen unit (base unit, wall unit, middle unit and tall unit), bookcase, store unit and so on. Wood Cut List Report. By the help of Kesway Wood-Cut-List intelligent wood cut list engine,CabiDesigner will create a wood cut list report automatically. User can move one board to another big wood board, rotate the board, and print out the wood cut list report. User can design any shape of board that he want. Kesway CabiDesigner support rectangle, ellipse, round angle rectangle, in-round angle rectangle, tangle and hand-draw board. Powerful board shape editing function. User can edit the door board, back board and user define board to any shape. Try Kesway CabiDesigner, you will find it helps you a lot. And creating a new cabinet is no more difficult! Enjoy Kesway CabiDesigner, enjoy your new cabinet! Kesway, simplified everything!