USBDeviceShare - Share USB over Network

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USBDeviceShare - Share USB over Network Description

So you went out and bought yourself a couple of nice USB external backup drives for your home and office, and all of your most important files are stored on them. But what happens when you're sitting at home and you really need to get at your work files, or vice vers' Or what if you're actually at home or work, but you're using a different workstation that doesn't have your precious hard drive plugged into it? Do you physically move yourself to the other machine? Do you lose valuable time waiting until you get home (or back to the office) to access your much-needed files? Or do you get a copy of USB Device Share and never be out of touch with your USB peripherals ever again? USB Device Share lets you share any USB device remotely over the Internet or via LAN. Just install USB Device Share on the computer that has the USB device plugged into it, and any computer that has the client software installed will be able to access that USB device! Imagine being able to tap into your external hard drive from anywhere! Share that expensive USB scanner with every computer in your office or lab setting! Save loads of money by not buying pricey NAS drives or multiple USB peripherals for multiple workstations! Even better, USB Device Share lets you share an UNLIMITED number of USB devices without the need to install drivers! Besides being incredibly easy to use, USB Device Share comes with a ton of bells and whistles that make it even more useful. You can configure USB Device Share to automatically share any USB peripheral as soon as its plugged into the host machine. You can deny sharing for specific devices, like keyboards. You can even have USB Device Share block or allow selected clients based on their IP address! So, begin your journey of instant remote access and incredible cost savings with USB Device Share!

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Size: 2.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$149 | Category: Misc. Utilities
WorkgroupShare for Outlook Lets you share Outlook information, such as contacts and calendars, without needing Microsoft Exchange. Provides full administrative control over user access rights.

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Software Terms: Devicelock, Plug And Play, Audit, Usb Auditor
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PC Network Clone PC Network Clone is an Windows app for massive disk or system cloning. You might install a large number of clients by only installing the OS and applications once on the source computer, and propagate the system to hundreds of clients simultaneously. PC Network Clone 5.0 is a Windows application for massive hard drive cloning and system installation. It's designed to deploy computer systems and applications for hundreds or even thousands of computers over Local Area Network. Systems that were...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Network Clone, Network Clone Simultaneously, Massive Network Clone, Massive Pcs Backup, Deploy Systems, Redeploy Client, Backup Pcs To Pcs, Restore By Lan, Restore Client, Clone Pcs To Pcs