BarBack 6.0

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BarBack 6.0 Description

BarBack is a collection of over 24,900 mixed drink recipes. It allows for very easy searching and sorting. It will tell you what drinks you can make with what you have available and it can even calculate the price and cost of drinks.

Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Wine Organizer Deluxe
Ultimate CoffeEbook
Dishbase for Mac
Make-a-List Shoppers Helper
Recipes Galore
The Recipe Processor 2000
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Recipe4win lets you navigate through thousands recipes from the database with a neat interface. It allows you to search recipes by keywords, by ingredients, or by geography.
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Shoppingmate - Total Grocery Shopping Management System (TGSMS)
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Digital Cookbook, Plus Edition
Digital Cookbook is recipe management software with capabilities of performing nutritional analysis, creating shopping lists, calculating costs for needed ingredients, printing you own cookbook, importing and exporting recipes and more.
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Mofiki\'s SEO Analyzer
Search Engine Optimization Analysis of any Website.
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Be in control of your meal calendar with Cookbook+Calendar! Create your own recipe database and manage a diet, a menu or a dinner party. The program features importing and exporting recipes, search by name or by main ingredients, and many more.
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Shopping List
Shopping List helps you have a more productive day by planning what you want to do before you leave the house. Records recipes and ingredient lists, and creates web pages for your recipe collection too. Easy to use. Illustrated help. 30 day...
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Recipe Minder
Recipe Minder is a fully featured recipe organizer software. This software is loaded with features including planner, nutrition recorder, menus and categories. Even email recipes to friends and family.
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Cookbook Wizard
Cookbook Wizard recipe software offers a quick and easy way to organize and track your favorite recipes on your PC.
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Bar Drinks Wizard
The Easiest way to organize drink recipes, the ultimate bartender drink organizer. Mixed drink organizer software that contains several hunderd drink recipes.
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Nutrition Software features an extensive Nutritional Therapy database for Afflictions, an Therapeutic Index and provides detailed information on Nutrients, Amino-Acids, Supplements, Acid-Bace Balance. Also includes a free Body Mass Index Calculator!
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EGS CALCMENU Chef 2008 is a professional recipe management software that provides user-friendly features to manage merchandise and recipes. It is designed to make foodservice professionals' intricate tasks faster and easier!
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Now Youre Cooking!
Award-winning cyberkitchen companion for Windows XP/Me/2K/9x/NT4. Cuts hours off organizing recipes, meal plans, nutrition analysis, shopping lists, grocery cost management.
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Size: 400.4 KB | License: Commercial | Price: US$9.95 | Category: Food & Beverage
BarBack Drink Guide BarBack Drink Guide 2. BarBack Drink Guide 2.0

OS: Any Platform
Size: 1024.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Food & Beverage
drynks Version 1.2 - Minor update disabled sound to the Mainhub. Also allow user to add wine, beer or liquor without picture.

Version 1.1 - Minor Update to the Beers category. User can now select IPA Style beers from subtypes... Version 1.2 - Minor update disabled sound to the Mainhub. Also allow user to add wine, beer or liquor without picture. Version 1.1 - Minor Update to the Beers category. User can now select IPA Style beers from subtypes. Drynks is a simple...

OS: Windows
Size: 1024.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Food & Beverage
Drink or Drive Find out what is the amount of alcohol in your blood, and see if you can drive or not. You can choose your gender, and also you can choose the amount of drinks you have drink, between beer, vodka, wine, cocktails, shots and whiskey. Finally you will get the amount of alcohol in your blood with an accurate number, and a comment telling you, if you can drive, if you are in the alcohol limit, or if you have pass the alcohol limit. All these...

OS: Windows
Size: 3.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Food & Beverage
Iowa Wine and Beer Wine and beer lovers alike will find a lot to toast when they tour Iow*?s numerous wineries and breweries. Our Iowa Wine & Beer app includes a directory of the 100+ wineries and breweries in Iowa. Use the map to discover wineries or breweries near you. Listings include descriptions of amenities, photos, contact information and static maps to guide you on your way. Changes: Correction in the Discover search.

Size: 13.3 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Food & Beverage
Wine and beer app Wine and beer app is a collaboration by a bunch of friends who happen to like good wine, good beer and good conversation. The idea is to have a place where we can all see what our friends are drinking and what they think about it. We are focused on obscure boutique wines, craft beer, as well as small batch spirits. We invite both professional beer and wine bloggers as well as the occasional drinker to share their experiences and discoveries....