Netman2008(Persional Version) 5.04

Software ID: 88272

Netman2008(Persional Version) 5.04 Description

Netman(Persional Version) is a high security and user-friendly remote control software that is nat Nat accessible.It provides functions of having computers turned on and shouted down remotely, desktop sharing, mouse and keyboard controlling, video starting remotely, files and folders managing, instant message...Moreover, you can start your computer remotely when it’s needed; log it off when you finish remote working. Thus Netman is the safest remote control software over the world.?

Netman(Personal Vesion)is primary applied to remote working.It's troublesome that we rush back and forth for the material left behind in our daily life. With Netman, you will be protected from that for it enables you to take control of your PC anywhere on the Internet. Netman has many security settings. Password is encrypted by an irreversible md5 encryption technique. Owing to the advantage of starting desktop remotely when it is needed, and shut it off when the mission is over, you are definitely assured that it's of high security. Our patented product "Netman Computer Controller "will help to fulfill that advantage.

To achieve remote assisting, both sides must install Netman. On running Netman, the local IP and password will appear on the left side of the program window. Ask your partner for his/her IP and password, enter them in the right side of the window, click “connect”,then access to his/her computer. Keep in mind the local IP and password,then you can access to your computer anywhere connected to the Internet and fulfill your requirement for remote working.It's absolutely secure.

Every time Netman restarts, the password may change. If not knowing the password on your Netman, the other side cannot access or control your computer. However, when you become a member, you will get an account number (a virtual and fixed IP) and a fixed password for free. Now go to get an account on or you can click “Register” on Netman. Entering your account number on Netman on your office computer, when you are on a trip or away from office, you just need to input this account number and control password on the right side of Netman window to get access to the office computer so that enables you to work anywhere. If your office computer is logged off, you can start it remotely.On starting the computer, Netman software will dial up automatically. Also, taking security into consideration you can set to shut down the computer automatically. Put it into simple words, provided that you have Netman in your computer, no matter where you are, you can remotely log on your computer at any time. Therefore, you won’t need to rush back and forth for the files left behind, which will improve your work efficiency remarkably.

Netman has many security settings. You can select whether to be controlled or not, whether to transfer files or not, and which dir to share,etc. Data have been highly encrypted when being transmitted, and password encrypted by an irreversible md5 encryption technique. Owing to the advantage of starting computer remotely when it is needed, and shut it off when the mission is over, Netman is of the most security among the remote assistance software in the world. With regard to the patented product "Netman Computer Controller", please go to our website

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