Tweaks in Ultimate Windows Tweaker 1.0

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Tweaks in Ultimate Windows Tweaker 1.0 Description

Ultimate Windows Tweaker v1.0 has over 130 tweaks. These have been categorized under seven heads and can be accessed through a common interface, just like your Windows Vista Control Panel.

1) Personalization,
2) User Accounts & UAC,
3) System & Performance,
4) Security,
5) Internet Explorer (IE7 / IE8)
6) Network Optimization
7) Additional Options


These tweaks help you personalize your Windows Vista, just the way you want it to appear. Tweaks for basic customization for Windows Explorer, Start Menu and Taskbar, along with some performance tweaks are included here.

Windows Explorer

Disable full row select in Vista Explorer
Change window border padding size
Hide Detail pane in Vista Explorer
Show menu bar in Vista Explorer
Use check boxes to select items
Show Windows version on desktop
Restore folder Windows at startup
Launch folder Windows in a separate process
Always show icons, never thumbnails
Show drive letters

Start Menu

Add or remove items from Start Menu
Menu show speed
Disable context menu and dragging and dropping on the Start Menu
Disable highlighting recently installed programs
Don't open submenu when mouse hovers

Taskbar Settings

Lock the Taskbar
Restrict Locking of Taskbar
Group similar Taskbar buttons
Disable balloon tips
Disable window preview (thumbnails)
Restrict to add or remove default notification icons
-Remove Network icon
-Remove Volume Control icon
-Remove Battery icon
Remove tray icons from Taskbar

User Accounts & UAC

These tweaks help you manage User Account status and Customize access privileges by tweaking the User Account Control settings.

Welcome Screen Tweaks

Enable verbose status message
Disable to show last logged-in User Name
Require user to press Control+Alt+Delete
Enable shutdown tasks on welcome screen
Enable or disable built-in Administrator account
Enable or disable Guest account

User Account Control

Enable/Disable User Account Control
Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account
Elevate application without using the secure desktop
Virtualizes file and registry write failures to per-user locations
Detect application installations and prompt for elevation
Behavior of the elevation prompts for common users
Behavior of the elevation prompts for administrators

System & Performance

These tweaks help you to increase system performance
Waiting time to end services at shutdown process
Waiting time to kill non-responding applications
Waiting time to kill applications timeout during shutdown

Auto-end Non-Responding applications
Restart Windows Explorer (Shell) automatically
Forcibly unload DLLs from memory
Disable built-in feature to manage ZIP folders
Disable Search Indexing in Windows Vista
Enable support for 4GB of RAM (or more) in Vista x86
Disable Automatic Folder View discovery

Turn off Readyboost feature
Turn off Windows Aero user interface
Turn off Super fetch
Turn off Printer Spooling service
Turn off Tablet PC Input service
Turn off Problem and Report solutions
Turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP)


This page contain restrictions and security choices for Windows Explorer, Windows Update and some Windows applications.

System Restriction

Disable Registry Editor
Disable Command Prompt and execution of batch files
Disable Task Manager
Disable Microsoft Management Console snap-ins
Disable Win Key Shortcuts
Disable Control Panel
Disable parsing Autoexe.bat file
Restrict to change path profile folders
Disable Internet Communication
Disable Auto play function for removable devices

Windows Explorer Restriction

Disable Folder Options
Remove Security tab
Remove CD burn feature
Remove Windows Explorer's default context menu

Windows Applications Restriction

Disable Windows Calendar
Disable Windows Collaboration
Disable Windows Mail
Disable Windows Error Reporting
Disable Windows Media Center
Disable Windows Sound Recorder
Disable Windows Movie Maker
Disable Windows Mobility Center
Disable Windows Sidebar
Disable Windows Defender
Disable Windows Firewall

Windows Update Settings

Disable all Windows Updates
Disable automatic restart after Windows Updating
Disable Windows Update Service
Remove access to all Windows Update features

Internet Explorer

The Tweaker detects the your IE version and adjust controls according to IE version and currently supports IE7, IE7 with SP1, IE8 Beta 1 and IE8 Beta 2.


IE has run first time - Complete IE first run wizard
Run once has shown process
Window title
Change the location of download directory
Clear DNS Cache
Delete IE browsing history

Tab Browsing:

Always switch to new tab
Warn on closing multiple tabs
Open first home page when IE starts
IE behavior when a new tab is opened
IE behavior when a pop-up is encountered
IE behavior when open links from other programs

Controls & Toolbar:

Always show menu bar
Show favorite bar/links
Show command bar
Show status bar
Move menu bar above navigation bar
Show compatibility view button
Show refresh & stop button before address bar
View favorites and favorite bar align in single toolbar
Use large icons
Look and feel of common buttons (captions, icons etc)

Advanced Configuration:

Turn off RSS Feed discovery
Disable IE to check for updates
Disable crash detection feature
Phishing filter/SmartScreen filter settings
Bandwidth settings

Network Optimization

Offers options to optimize Network & to make the communication experience easier and more secure.

Limit reserved bandwidth for QoS Scheduler Service
Hide your server or workstation from general browser list
Hide entire network from Network Neighborhood
Disable Remote Desktop Sharing in the domain and network
Disable Offline Files
-Set disk space used by Offline Files
-Total size of offline files
-Size of auto-cached files
Disable default Admin and Disk drive share server
Restrict access of IPC$ for anonymous users
Disable recent shares in Network Places
Disable media sharing in Windows Media Player (free up memory from background process wmpnscfg.exe)
Enable NTLM 2 support (No more sharing problems in between Vista & earlier version of Windows)
Set global network/internet offline (includes all Windows applications that require internet for online services. ie. IE, Windows Mail etc.)

Additional Options:

On this page, are tweaks which allow customizing Registered User information, along with some useful context menu and desktop tweaks.

Registered User and OEM information

Change Registered User Information & Image and OEM information

Useful Context menu for Drives and Folders

Show "Take Ownership"
Show "Open Command Window Here"
Show "Search..." (For Vista SP1 or higher)

Useful Context menu for Files and Folders

Show "Take Ownership" (Files only)
Show "Copy To Folder..."
Show "Move To Folder..."
Show "Encrypt" and "Decrypt"

Some additional tweaks

Remove "-Shortcut" suffix for new shortcuts
Remove arrows from Shortcut Icons
Disable Low Disk Space checks
Disable Hibernation
Disable Compression in NTFS file system
Disable Encryption in NTFS file system
Enable self-healing capability of NTFS file system
Enable Encryption for Page file

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