Testing Anywhere 6.0

Software ID: 83272

Testing Anywhere 6.0 Description

Testing Anywhere is a powerful automated testing, web testing and software testing tool to automate any type of testing. With powerful GUI based recording capabilities and a no-programming required user interface, Testing Anywhere enables efficient web testing and automated software testing. This powerful automated testing tool captures images, Windows & web objects easily and allows easy yet detailed GUI testing. Regression testing, functional testing, acceptance testing, black box testing, unit testing, keyword testing, smoke testing, integration testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, system testing and data driven testing are few testing types that can be automated by Testing Anywhere.

Testing Anywhere features five innovative ways to create any test. Powerful Visualize technology along with an easy to use Test Editor helps users to view their test actions as images in a storyboard style. Checkpoints can be inserted at any point of testing to verify testing actions. Multiple tests can be run together by adding them to Run Suites. Reporting features include detailed and graphical reports, visual logs, timeline and customization tools.

Testing Anywhere offers a very powerful feature to convert your test into a standalone program (Exe). When you run the exes on another computer, our automation technology adjusts for more than 40 differences while replaying the exe on individual machines. There is no need to install the testing software on each machine.

Other powerful features include web data extraction, image recognition, workflow designer, email integration, application integration, excel integration, database integration and more.

Testing Anywhere Server maintains a repository of all tests and documents. It reflects the collaborative nature of a Server. It is a centralized system for all automated tests, backup and security where the administrator can govern different client permissions reducing time while increasing ROI.

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Size: 737.3 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Macro and Automation
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