My Diet Wiz 2.2.6

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My Diet Wiz 2.2.6 Description

Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried different diets with no success? Loosing some weight, only to gain back more? Knowledge equals success. Try My Diet Wiz.

It is a very successfull method for getting rid of those unwanted pounds and keeping them off. My Diet Wiz is a Calorie Counter with a list of over 7000 foods, using the USDA food nutrient database.

By keeping track of your Food Calorie Intake and Body Weight, My Diet Wiz calculates your Metabolic Rate and determines Daily Calorie Intake Targets based on your desired Weight Goal.

Besides being a calorie counter, MyDietWiz is also reliable for track keeping of your Nutrient Intake Levels, with Graphs and Tables available for Food Intake History as well as for My Diet Wiz and User Food Lists.

Furthermore, this software features unique Activity / Exercise Logging, where you do not have to enter average daily activities or exercise.

Here are some key features of "My Diet Wiz":

? Daily Food Journal
? Calorie Counter and Summary
? Metabolic Rate Calculator
? Database of 7146 Foods, with Search Function
? Favorite Foods List
? User Food List
? Easily Add User Defined Foods
? Easily Add User Food as Recipes
? DRI Referenced Daily Value Targets
? User Settable Nutrient Daily Value Targets
? 34 Nutrient Counter
? Nutrient Information Tables and Charts
? Calorie and Nutrient History Tables and Charts
? Weight Logging and Charting
? Weight Loss Charting
? Extra Activity Adjustment Journal (No need to keep track of regular daily activity or exercise)
? Works with any Diet Preference

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