Outdoor Adventures Screensaver 1.0

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Outdoor Adventures Screensaver 1.0 Description

The avid outdoorsman will appreciate this screensaver. It shows 26 images of active people in beautiful settings climbing, hiking, boating, fishing, biking, scuba diving and more. When you can't get away, enjoy a brief escape with this screensaver. The screensaver also comes with a free Screen Saver Control that resides in the Windows system tray. This control makes it easy to configure and launch any installed screensaver.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000
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Football/Soccer RSS Screensaver
Formula 1
This screen saver will show you complete F1 race calendar, last race results and current standings in the drivers and constructors championships. Data are updated automatically day after each race when screen saver detects new data.
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F1 - 2001 Screen Saver
Join us in a new year of adventure and glory, money and power, glamour and beauty. See your favourite teams, drivers and cars, followed by the famous comments from the previous season. Formula One just get's better all the time.
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Michael Schumacher Screen Saver
Michael Schumacher - Formula1 World Champion Screen Saver
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Soccer Flags Screensaver
If you are a fan of some football team or you want to see a logo of some team at your desktop, then you should download this screensaver. It shows you a beautiful flag with the emblem of your favorite club. It will be flapping in the wind.
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3D Stockcar Screensaver
The 3D Stockcar Screensaver experience like no other! featureing the voices of Jeff Hammond and Kenny Wallace! It uses Microsoft's DirectX technology, advanced physics & a ridged racing AI system that will keep you glued to your monitor.
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SoccerSaver turns your screen into a soccer field with cartoonish 3D rendered players running around in an attempt to play a game of soccer. Options: - choose the appearance of the field - project a message on the grass - keep track of the score -...
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Sports with Motivational Messages Screensaver
The Free Sports With Motivational Messages Screensaver by displays 36 amazing and stunning sports related images each with a motivational quote. These are some of the most incredible and motivational images you may ever see....
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3D Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver
Watch a fleet of beautifully rendered 3D Hot Air Balloons in Real-Time 3D floating over an amazing landscape. View from a flyby camera or right from the balloon's basket! Customize the Hot Air Balloon's design with your very own. Use your own...
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Fractal Screensaver
Implart Fractal Screensaver - is an amusing screensaver, that will plunge you into miraculous world of mathematical fractals. Images which you observe during screensaver's work allow to concentrate and relax at the same time.
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Free Sports Car Screensaver
Sports car screensaver has outstanding slide show and high quality graphics. You can change the setting of this screensaver yourself.
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Size: 5.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Sports
Get Outdoors Get Outdoors is a one stop shop for local news about boating, hiking, fishing, biking, camping, swimming, sailing, horseback riding, snow skiing, surfing, kayaking, climbing; Apps required: owner identity, location services, media playback, data services, push notification service, movement and directional sensor, HD720P (720x1280), WVGA (480x800), WXGA (768x1280)

OS: Windows
Size: 15.4 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Sports
BlooSee BlooSee is a mobile app for the ocean and all of its activities. Enjoy the ocean everyday by joining a community that loves boating, sailing, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, kayaking, ocean conservation and more. Access free nautical tools, photos, videos, and crowd sourced information that will help you take the ocean further. Interactive map with filterable layers of information pertinent to your interests (anchorages, marinas, beaches,...

Size: 65.3 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Sports
Explore Louisiana Crossroads Visitor Guide Located in central Louisiana, the Crossroads stretches from the Mississippi River to the Texas border. Explore Louisiana Crossroads is the BEST APP to help you plan your trip and find the best park and recreation sites, boating and fishing opportunities, and auto and walking tours of famous historic plantations and heritage areas, among other attractions in the region. Well also help you find dining, lodging, and any services you may need on...

Size: 10.4 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Sports
Arbour lake Welcome to Arbour Lake!The community that has is it all! A pristine lake brimming with rainbow trout, neighbourhood parks, spectacular mountain views, a regional bike and walkway path carved through rolling hills. Swimming, boating, fishing, ice ... Welcome to Arbour Lake! The community that has is it all! A pristine lake brimming with rainbow trout, neighbourhood parks, spectacular mountain views, a regional bike and walkway path carved through rolling hills. Swimming, boating, fishing,...

Size: 102.4 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$4.99 | Category: Sports
Nitrox Diver Scuba divers using Nitrox (enriched air) will find this to be a great planning tool for diving."Nitrox Diver" uses the two standard32% Oxygen (68% Nitrogen)36% Oxygen (64% Nitrogen)tables for calculations and is in both imperial and metric ... Scuba divers using Nitrox (enriched air) will find this to be a great planning tool for diving. "Nitrox Diver" uses the two standard 32% Oxygen (68% Nitrogen) 36% Oxygen (64% Nitrogen) tables for calculations and is in both imperial and...