Handwizard 3.0

Software ID: 45200

Handwizard 3.0 Description

Handwizard is based on such inventions as "Data input method" and "Cursor displacement control method", which define its purpose and functionality and gives the user:

* time and health savings due to work with the mouse;
* new level of freedom in artistic self-expression.

Handwizard enables semiautomatic and automatic cursor moving for interactive construction of cursor moving paths in graphic editors. It opens new opportunities of drawing a smooth lines by free movement of a hand.
An Example Image (Gioconda remake) shows drawing with Handwizard as open ones and closed, smooth and broken curves, and also color filling the inner areas of closed curves.

Handwizard enables a special kind of mouse movement called "Mouse steps" for a quick Text input by the mouse and execution of a new kind of commands called "Extra commands".

Extra commands allow to move the cursor on the display, quickly change the cursor moving speed, influence user interface elements of applications, emulate keystrokes. It allows in pair of small mouse moving:

* to move the cursor on the certain points of the screen;
* to automatically generate a click by the left mouse button for influence user interface elements;
* easy to change of cursor moving mode with fast on exact and back;
* not distracting on the keyboard to carry out keyboard macros, pressing of function keys, and standard keystrokes.

At performance of input of the text unique movement of the mouse is necessary.

When the Text input by the mouse is carried out, only rectilineal mouse moving is necessary for keystroke emulation. It allows to achieve high speed of the text iput.

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