US Payment Handbook 1.0.0

Software ID: 416807

US Payment Handbook 1.0.0 Description

A comprehensive quick reference guide for the US credit card payment industry on your iPhone!

While it was never planned this way, the US credit card market has evolved to be one of the most complex, value diluted and fiercely competitive payment industries in the world. A combination of free economy dynamics, American dream entrepreneurial spirit and the absence of a neutral regulatory or guiding authority has facilitated the birth and growth of a complex collective of companies that service the merchants who accept credit card payments across the country.

It is very easy to be overwhelmed and confused by the US payment industry when you enter it for the first time.

The US Payment Handbook quick reference guide is a summary of the industry main points and characteristics that you can easily refer to as you build your own understanding of the US payment market.

There are four main sections in this reference. These are:
1. Five BIG things you must know before entering the US payment industry
2. Topology and short overview of all the parts inside the US payment industry ecosystem
3. Walk through a US credit card transaction from intent to purchase through to moved funds
4. Standardized terminology of the main language used by participants in the industry

In addition, there are also details of relevant special cases, significant differences or supporting information that will help prepare you for interacting with others in the industry.

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