FlexiMusic Kids Composer Oct 2007

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FlexiMusic Kids Composer Oct 2007 Description

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is designed to enrich your child's music knowledge and in schools for learning the fundamentals to create music. Kids enjoy recording their own vocals; and be creative in their own way.

1. FlexiMusic Kids Composer is an amazing program that allows kids to create music on their own. Using a paint brush, an erase tool and a mouse, it is fun and easy way to give your song a new birth.
2. Music samples are selected from "Beats" window, and tunes from "Stars" window, then using the œPaint brush paint them on a track.
3. Lots of Instruments: Click the œBeats button to see the Beats window, where you can see hundred™s of instruments including Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Horns, Percussions and lots more, with which, you can create music of high quality.
4. Easy Understanding: FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is suited for small children, because of its colorful interface, basic tools, and big simple buttons are easy to understand and use
5. Modifying your Songs: After creating the songs, fine adjustments can be done using Tempo. Tempo panel is used to control the speed of the songs. The song can be played either at slower or faster speed by moving the Tempo panel towards the left or right.
6. Audio Recording: Record your own vocals sing and play along with music.
FlexiMusic Kids Composer is best suited for children who wish to compose their own music using varieties of instruments.
7. FlexiMusic Kids Music World: Parents want their children to spend their leisure time doing something worth-full. The FlexiMusic Kids Music World is an educative, entertainment and fun based. FlexiMusic Kids Music World™s fun element is much sufficient that children love to use it at home.
8. When you buy FlexiMusic Kids Composer, we are offering an amazing FlexiMusic Kids Music World program which is made for kids of about 5 year old. This can be played using the mouse alone and not the keyboard.
9. Using FlexiMusic Kids Composer, in no time, your kids will create amazing music.
10. FlexiMusic Kids Composer song output can be saved to Wav file.

Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
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