Law World Connect 1.0

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Law World Connect 1.0 Description

What is Law World Connect?
Law World Connect is a new app which aims to change the way legal services are engaged across the world.
Until now, individuals or organizations in need of legal services have had to use such sources as legal directories, media advertising and, at best, word-of-mouth. These enquiries have usually been restricted in their nature by time, cost, location etc. Often, the decision as to the right lawyer to engage has really been no more than a speculative hit-or-miss exercise.
What Law World Connect seeks to provide is the ultimate means via which those seeking a legal service can connect with the right lawyer for them. Through this website, the client can specifically list their legal need for many lawyers to view. The lawyers can then tender for that work so as to ultimately connect the client with the most suitable lawyer for them.
The potential benefit from this revolutionary interactive process is truly extraordinary for both those seeking the legal service and those providing the legal service.

For the Client
What it means is that clients can now readily access their law marketplace. In making the decision to engage the right lawyer for them, they will now be much better informed as to the going market rate and the level of service they are to receive. They can be guided by the feedback provided by past clients and they can also take into consideration (for court matters) those lawyers who are already appearing at their court. Never before have those seeking legal services been better informed and better equipped to find the right lawyer for them.

For the Lawyer
From the lawyers perspective, they can now directly address a recurring concern for those in practice i.e. Where is the next work coming from?. Law World Connect allows lawyers to immediately source legal work online for free. Lawyers are able to tender for all types of legal work actually on offer within their jurisdiction. They can also receive e-mails indicating when new work in their area has been listed on the website. Law World Connect also allows lawyers regularly appearing in court to directly attract more work by showing their name on the websites Court Diary pages and by allowing them to bid for last-minute available court work.

"The Original Law Marketplace"
Designed by practicing lawyers to meet the practical needs of both clients and lawyers in today's online world, Law World Connect creates the worlds "original law marketplace" an online marketplace at which legal services are engaged in countries all around the world.

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