Audio-3D Player 1.1

Software ID: 274962

Audio-3D Player 1.1 Description

The first 7.1 audio player for iOS !!!

No support for :
- iCloud
- iOS 7 beta (unless you load your music with iTunes)

Who said that 7.1 audio was only for home-cinemas ?
...That HiFi systems can't fit in the pocket ?
That crappy headphones can't be saved ?

With Audio-3D Player 7.1, lets change your way of hearing music !
Stop thinking start hearing and you won't go back anymore.

Audio-3D Player 7.1 : best Audio quality for your iPhone :
- 44KHZ / 24 bits output
- 2.1 HIFI emulator with 360 rotation
- 7.1 Home-Cinema emulator
- Headphones optimisation

Let's talk a bit more about those options :

For each option, a dynamic volume adjustment may occur during the first pass of a song. It will never append again for those songs unless you fully reinstall the app.

* 7.1 Home-Cinema emulator :

This emulator allow you to listen to your music as if you were in a room listening to a home-cinema.
With the 3 modes available (normal, dynamic and spectacle), you can choose the best to fit with your style.
And if it is not boomy enough for you, a bass boost option is here for you.

* 2.1 HiFi emulator :

This emulator allow you to reproduce the sound of an HiFi system.
You are at the heart of the audio scene and you take control of the sound directivity : Move away or move closer, and spin the sound all around you with accurate precision. ?
This emulator has also has a custom made equalization system adapted to your headphones witch optimize perfectly the sound quality. Get a HQ HiFi sound on your iDevice!

Here are the available headphones :
(!!! If your headphones are not in the list, never-mind, audio-3D will still work. This is just an add-on, not a requirement !!!) ?
- AKG K701
?- Audio3D headphones
?- Beats by Dre?
- Beyer Dynamics DT 770 PRO
?- BOSE OE2?
- Dr Dre Solo HD (Beta)
?- EarPhones 4/4S (Beta)
?- Earplugs iPhone 5
?- Fidelio?
- Focal Spirit One
?- JVC : HA S400, HA S600?
- Koss Porta Pro 2
- Philips : BT, SHL3000?
- Sennheiser : HD 238, HD 650, Momentum, PX 200 II, PX 90?- Skullcandy
?- Sony : MDR-IR, MDR ZX 300, MDR ZX 600
?- Urban Ears Plattan?
- Yamaha HPH 200?
- Wesc Marac*?

With Audio-3D Player HD, rediscover your favorite tunes in high quality and customize your listening to your wishes !!!

Technical Specifications: ?
* IPhone 4, 4S and 5
?* IPod Touch 4 and next gen ?
* Headphones or earphones required
Changes: Add an EQ function for the 7.1 emulator.

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