JustLDAP 3.6

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JustLDAP 3.6 Description

JustLDAP is designed for general user management and fast Active Directory searches. It provides a simplified interface to search for and retrieve user information. Several administrative functions allow easy access to the most popular actions such as unlocking accounts, resetting passwords and security group membership changes. The JustLDAP component can be used in ASP and ASP.NET Web applications to pre-populate forms and provide personalized web content. It can also be used in client applications and scripts. User properties and account settings can be easily accessed. When used with IIS5 (Windows 2000), or IIS6 (Windows 2003 Server Family), the IIS "LOGON_USER" Web server variable can be passed to JustLDAP and numerous details retrieved for the browser user. LDAP programming without JustLDAP can be quite difficult. Developers often find LDAP search code (written in either ASP, ASP.NET or VBScript/JScript) hard to deploy in real world applications. Code samples are usually confusing. Many samples assume the code is running with "Administrator" privileges, yet this major point is often not even mentioned in the accompanying text! When the code is run on an IIS ASP Web Page, the code often fails because of authentication and security issues. JustLDAP has more than 20 administrative functions that provide easy access to the typical day to day tasks involved with user administration from a Web page or script. With JustLDAP you can forget about making complex ADSI calls like , "LDAP://CN=Administrator, DC=mycompany, CN=Users, ...." etc. JustLDAP will search and modify your Active Directory user objects with a simple method call.

Windows 2000, Windows XP
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