SPX Graphic Editor 3.0

Software ID: 23835

SPX Graphic Editor 3.0 Description

Enjoy using the tools, effects and functions to edit your images to perfection. Attention: All and only the tools you need. Easy interaction with the screen capture and annotation studio from the same bundle. Here's a scenario: capture a screenshot and edit/annotate right away. When done send your work to any destination: clipboard, file, e-mail, web, annotation studio, printer

Summary of features

Whichever way you start you'll be amazed how simple a graphical editor can be when it's not overloaded with useless features.

Tools available:

Selection - Select areas within your image using different shapes.
Pen - Enhance your image by using this tool to draw through your image.
Line - Enhance your image by inserting a variety of line types.
Shape - Use shapes to attract attention to specific areas within your image.
Fill - Enhance your image by filling in colors to specific areas.
Airbrush - Enhance your image with a color spray effect.
Stamp - The Stamp tool allows you to apply a range of graphics to your image.
Text - Enhance your image by adding text to areas within your image.
Highlight - Draw attention to particular areas of your image using the highlight tool.
Eraser - Erase colors within your image.
Picker - Identify the RGB values of the colors within your image.
Pan - If you enlarge your image, use the pan tool to navigate and bring other areas of the image into view.
Zoom - Magnify and reduce the view for your image.
Color - Pick foreground and background colors for your image.

Image functions:

Canvas Size - Use this function to adjust the size of the Canvas and the position of the image within the canvas.
Scale - Adjust the size of your image using this function.
Mirror - Show a mirror image of the image being edited using this function
Flip - Inverts your image accross its horizontal axis, essentially flipping it upside down.
Rotate - Rotate your image to varying degrees.
Invert - Use this function to invert the colors in your image.
Grayscale - Use this function to change your image to shades of gray.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Ultimate
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Size: 3.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$25 | Category: Image Editors
SPX Instant Screen Capture Capture any shape, from any source, to any destination in real time. Email screenshots with a program or with SMTP, as attachments or embedded HTML. Capture freehand shapes, rectangles, entire windows, objects. Send captures to clipboard, file, e-mail, web, ICQ, graphic editor, studio, printe/fax. Add watermarks, text stamps, edge effect. Other: Zoom, Scroll, Timer.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Screen Capture, Screen, Capture, Capture Screen, Print Screen, Screen Print, Webcam, Cam, Timer, Record
Size: 1.2 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$24.95 | Category: Image Editors
Any Capture Screen Screen capture software that can capture and print your desired anything of screen such as active window, menu rectangle, square, ellipse, circle etc., even surfaces of DVD players and video games, long pages with a vertical scroll bar. Copy it to the clipboard, the printer and save it in BMP, JPEG,GIF, PNG, TIFF formats automatically. Moreover, You can editing the image, and undo/redo 10 steps.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Screen Capture, Screen Capture Software, Auto Scroll Capture, Screen Print, Print Screen, Video Screen Capture, Dvd Screen Capture, Capture Window, Snap Shot, Print Graphic
Size: 1.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$13 | Category: Image Editors
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OS: Windows
Software Terms: Annotation, Annotate, Notes, Spx, Screen Capture, Screen, Capture, Capture Screen, Print Screen, Screen Grab
Size: 7.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$39.99 | Category: Image Editors
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OS: Windows
Software Terms: Capture Live Video, Capture Video From Webcam, Capture Video, Mini-dv Cassette
Size: 3.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$17.99 | Category: Image Editors
Sonne Screen Video Capture Sonne Screen Video Capture is powerful screen capture software that can capture any part of screen from your desktop, and save the images in BMP or JPG formats. Besides, it offers you the function of capturing video and image from DV, TV Tuner and other capture devices in real time. The captured video files can be saved as AVI (using any compression codec) format. With this full featured capture software, you can view, copy, delete and rename...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Capture Video, Video Capture, Capture Image, Real-time Video, Grab Video, Grab Image, Record Video