Ashampoo Presentations 1.00

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Ashampoo Presentations 1.00 Description

Ashampoo Presentations is the brand new presentation graphics software of Ashampoo - fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, yet easier to use and much less expensive.
Ashampoo Presentations lets you create any kind of presentation, from simple school projects to complex business presentations. Show your presentations as slide shows, export them as pictures, or pass them on as PowerPoint files.
You can add all kinds of AutoShapes and format them with a full repertoire of graphical variations. Not only that: you can also animate objects as you like, set up stunning transitions between slides, insert movies or sound files, and create interactive slide shows that can be navigated with pushbuttons. All functions are fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, but easier to use.
Comes with numerous design templates
Ashampoo Presentations 2008 comes with more than 40 attractive design templates: with a simple mouse click, a complete presentation changes from classic or elegant to fancy and colorful, and back. The built-in designs browser lets you quickly find a matching design for each of your presentation projects. Also shipping with Ashampoo Presentations 2008 is a large collection of picture bullets that let you quickly achieve visually pleasing results.
Color schemes switch colors with the flick of a key
Color schemes are another feature that makes your work much easier. With a few mouse clicks, you can easily recolor a complete presentation - and Ashampoo Presentations 2008 takes care of matching the colors.
If you open a PowerPoint file, all existing color schemes are preserved. The same goes for saving - something that not all competing products manage to achieve.
Put your presentation in motion: Animations and transitions
Ashampoo Presentations 2008 offers a wide range of objects that you can insert in your presentations: text frames, tables, pictures in a large variety of file formats, AutoShapes, freehand drawings, images from your scanner or digital camera, OLE objects, even sound files and movies.
You can animate each of these objects. If you want to put your presentation in motion, simply select one or more animation effects from the huge list of effects that Ashampoo Presentations 2008 provides - Ashampoo Presentations offers all the animations that you know from Microsoft PowerPoint.
Furthermore, you can add transition effects that appear when going from one slide to the next. Ashampoo Presentations offers a wide range of effects here as well.
Sort, arrange, structure
Ashampoo Presentations lets you structure your presentations through its built-in outliner. It looks similar to the one in Ashampoo Office TextMaker, but is tightly linked to the slides: if you change text in the outliner, the corresponding slide is updated on-the-fly and vice-versa.
You can sort slides in the 'mini sorter' as well as in the regular full-screen sorter. The mini sorter appears to the left of the current slide, the full-screen sorter occupies the whole software window.
Your competent partner for presentations
With Ashampoo Presentations 2008 you receive a strong, compatible, and affordable presentation graphics program. Ashampoo Presentations 2008 is your competent partner for all types of presentations.
Files and printing
* Seamless document exchange with Microsoft PowerPoint 97, Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, Microsoft PowerPoint XP, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 as well as PowerPoint for Macintosh.
* Read and write PowerPoint files (.pps and .ppt) with all animations, slide transitions, color schemes, etc. preserved.
* Create PDF files directly from Ashampoo Presentations 2008.
* Create and print PDF files with slides, outlines, handouts, and notes.
* Export entire presentations as collections of images.
* Numerous attractive design templates give you impressive results fast.
* Each design comes with many matching color schemes.
* Create your own color schemes and switch between them instantaneously.
* Pre-defined slide layouts let you rearrange slide contents with a mouse click.
* All layouts have generic placeholders that can be filled with text, graphics, tables, or multimedia, as required.
* Sophisticated master page concept (allows global changes on all slides simultaneously).
* Many graphical bullets included.
Animations and slide transitions
* Hundreds of object and text animations available.
* Ready-made animation schemes that animate entire presentations at once.
* Many attractive slide transitions - totally compatible with PowerPoint .
Drawing and graphics
* Insert images in all common formats.
* Draw directly on the slide.
* TextArt gallery for impressive type effects (compatible with WordArt).
* AutoShapes (compatible with Microsoft's AutoShapes).
* Tables with many advanced formatting options.
* Insert movie and sound files.
* Play multimedia files either automatically or through actions (click or mouse-over).
Flexible output
* Flexible customization of slide shows.
* Interactive presentation of slide shows with virtual pen and highlighter.
* Automated presentations without a speaker (kiosk mode).
* Run slide shows on a second monitor or a video projector.
* Use notes as an aid to the speaker.
* Handouts for the audience.
Managing and outlining
* Built-in interactive outliner: Editing text in the outliner changes the slides simultaneously - and vice versa.
* Easily sort and manage slides with the practical mini sorter and full-screen sorter.
* Fully Unicode-enabled.
* Ashampoo Presentations works as an OLE server and lets you insert its slides in any other program, including Ashampoo Office TextMaker and Ashampoo Office PlanMaker.
* Spell checking in 17 languages.
* Hyphenation in 33 languages.
* Thesaurus in 10 languages.

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