Handy Address Book Server 1.3.7

Software ID: 155119

Handy Address Book Server 1.3.7 Description

Handy Address Book Server is one web server program for address lists. View, modify or administer address lists using a Web browser from any platform. You can define users and set permissions, so address lists can be shared among multiple users with varying levels of access. Possible uses include sharing contacts among multiple users in an office, making a corporate directory available on your Web site, networking your address list for access on multiple computers, or making your addresses available no matter where you travel.Handy Address Book is program for shareable address lists. View, modify, or administer address lists using a web browser from any platform. You can define users and set permissions, so address lists can be shared among multiple users with varying levels of access. In addition to the web interface, an optional Handy Address Book client for Windows is also available for working with your address lists.Handy Address Book is ideal for: Sharing contacts among multiple users in an office
Networking your address list for access on multiple computers
Making a corporate directory available on your web site
Making your address list available no matter where you travelHandy Address Book is available in two versions: Server and CGI. The 2 versions have the same functionality, so you may choose the version that best fits your needs.Handy Address Book Server:
The Server version runs on Windows, and includes a built in web server. No other program is necessary, all you need is the Handy Address Book Server and a Windows based PC. Handy Address Book Server runs on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.Handy Address Book CGI:
The CGI version works the same as the Server version, but is written in Perl, so will run on nearly any platform with a web server that can run Perl/CGI scripts. This includes Unix, Linux, and Windows.Address books are customizable, so you can integrate them into your existing web site. See the list of features, screen shots, and documentation for more information.To experiment with some example web address lists, see the live demos. To get started with your own address lists, see the tutorial, and then download a copy of the software to run on your own server, or try a free trial on our servers.Handy Address Book Server Feature List:
Easy Setup Handy Address Book Server installs just like any Windows program. Just download and run the setup program. No other program is required.
Handy Address Book CGI installs like any Perl program. Just place it in the cgi-bin folder on your web server.Web-Based Address Books
Access your contacts using a web browser from anywhere you have access to the internet. All operations on your address lists are performed through a web browser, including viewing, editing, and administration.Networkable Address Books
Share address lists with multiple users. Any number of users can be using the same address list at the same time. Multiple users can view and edit contacts at the same time.Users & Permissions
Control who can use an address list, and what level of access each user will have. Each user can have None, View, Add, Edit, or Admin permissions. You can create an unlimited number of users. Permissions can be set independently for each user for each address list. Also supports permissions for an 'Anonymous' user, giving you the flexibility to provide access without requiring a logon.Categories
Create an unlimited number of categories to organize your contacts within an address list. Address book specific categories can be created, and global categories can also be created. Global categories are available in all address lists.Unlimited Contacts
Each address list can contain an unlimited number of contacts.Customizable Appearance
Adjust all the colors and fonts for each address list. Insert your own custom HTML into the banner, header, and footer, and specify a background image to use. Use these options to give your address list the same look and feel as the rest of your existing web site.Customizable and Sorting Capable List View
The main 'List' view can be customized to display any fields you choose, and in any order. The List view allows sorting by any displayed column. Just click on the column header to sort by that column. Click the same column again to switch between ascending/descending sorting. The column controlling the sort order displays a small arrow in the column's header.Contact Filters
Filter your displayed contacts within an address list by category, the alphabet, or both.Contact Search
Easily search for contacts in your address list. Advanced search options allow you to choose which fields to search in.Import and Export
Import from other popular contact management programs, including: Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), Palm Desktop, vCard files, Handy Address Book Server, and Yahoo. Export to any of these same formats as well.Custom Field Names
Customize the field name titles for any of the email, mailing address, phone number, or custom fields.Maps
Easy access to look up maps for any contact. The details view for each contact will display a link next to each street address. Supported map servers include: Google, MapQuest, and Yahoo.Multiple 'Installation' Support
Create multiple 'Installations', all running under the same server. Each Installation is isolated from all other Installations, giving you the flexibility to provide 'Installation Admin' rights on a per-Installation basis.Optional Handy Client
Access address lists with either a web browser or the optional Handy client. The Handy client is a separate Windows program. Some advantages of the Handy client over a web browser are: locally cached database for faster access, more printing options, phone dialing, and the 'Live Update' feature.

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