Towey WebSurfer 3.0.0

Software ID: 151719

Towey WebSurfer 3.0.0 Description

A simple and easy-to-use Internet browser. Towey WebSurfer - A Free Web Browser known to be one of the Worlds Fastest Web Browsers around. New Features: Tab System, Page Saver, Easy History Editing and Many More. This is known for its Simple Browsing View and its Light Weight size.Towey WebSurfer Features:
1. The Simple View - We keep the View simple as we think a simple view means a better browser.
2. Speed Searcher - In a rush or want to just find something quickly? Towey WebSurfer found the solution by making Speed Searcher to browse your favorite site in seconds.
3. Live Update - No more e-mail Notifications with Live Update. Now you can update the product with a click of a Button.
4. Page Saver - Save the pages you want to come back to later in time.
5. Full Screen Mode - Get Maximum Browsing space.
6. RSS Viewer - Save RSS Feeds and read them later in Towey WebSurfer
7. History Viewer - History is automaticly saved into a easy-to-use viewer inside the app.
8. Hide Me! - Hide the Browser into the System tray (by the Clock). Useful when playing music from websites.
9. Document Editor - Edit and browse the source code of a Website to learn how a Website was coded.
10. Website Blocking - Block a website from access such as virus websites which would also help prevent getting a virus.
11. Phishing Filter - Dont want to Block a website but want to remind yourself before accessing it? This is the tool..
12. Quick Launch Bar - Launch Saved Websites quicker from the Main view of the Application.

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OS: Windows