ProofMaster Plus 4.0.2 build 3471

Software ID: 141899

ProofMaster Plus 4.0.2 build 3471 Description

ProofMaster Plus provides a complete quality control solution that allows you to verify and correct incoming files and provide color accurate proofs on screen and on paper. Ideal professional proofing software for 1 and 2-page proofing.ProofMaster Plus provides effortless setup and allows for out-of the box contract proofs in line with the ISO 12647-7 and other industry color standards. Regardless of whether you're preparing files for offset, gravure, newspaper, flexo- or screenprinting, ProofMaster Plus' Multi Channel color engine provides an easy path to spot-on results. It plays well with specialty printing types such as packaging, consistently generating superb, color-accurate proofs and ensures those results to carry through to production and final output.
ProofMaster Plus Key Features:
Color, quality & Ink
1. ISO 12647-7 compliant output
2. Comes with FOGRA/UGRA v3 media wedge
3. Precise color accuracy through standard and customized ICC profiles
4. Comes with a standard editor offering a host of image editing, production tools and soft proofing, also onPDF files
1. Supports Multi Channel input profiles and has full Multi Channel support
2. Processes image and vector elements in Multi Channel jobs
3. Drives Multi Channel printers
4. Fine tunes results through DeviceLink profiles
5. Works with high-end color-managed workflows (CMYK, RGB or Lab)
6. Accepts all the main file formats: PS, PDF (X4, X3, X1a), EPS, PSD, AI, nCT/nLW, DCS2, TIFF (/IT) and the RAW format for digital photography
7. Advanced handling of spot colors, fully CxF-compatible
8. Provides a convenient spot color tuner
9. Can use standard and customized contact sheet templates
10. Color setting import via Adobe CSF
11. Improved linearization and ink-bleeding
12. Supports all common spectrophotometers from X-Rite and BarbieriAutomation
1. Easy set up of an unlimited number of proofing or photo printing queues and hot folders
2. Automatic media optimization
3. Can detect Enfocus Certified PDF sGeneral
1. Works on Mac OS X (10.4-10.6) and Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 2), Vista and 7
2. Drives up to two IP/USB/FW printers as standard (choose from three printer driver categories)
3. Simultaneous rendering and printing for higher efficiencyBenefits
Enable better communication between print-buyer and production
1. Allows for ISO Color Standardized output
2. Supports all PDF standards (GWG, PDF-X4, ...)Achieve better quality
1. Intuitive user interface allows for easy calibration profiling and fine-tuning
2. ProofMaster Editor allows for last minute corrections and soft proofing
3. Multi Channel color engine allows you to reproduce the colors you'll get during the final output with the highest precision
4. Substrate simulation abilities allow you to match closely the output on media with specific textures or mimic paper with varying ink absorptionsProduce more... efficiently
1. Produce more jobs per day through accurate proofing. Simply plug in additional print drivers to increase the type and amount of machines you can drive
2. Check file integrity through integrated Enfocus Certified PDF technology. ProofMaster provides both the automation abilities and specific interactive production tools needed to produce better and more
3. ProofMaster Flux automates repetitive tasks such as file reception and routing and seamlessly links 3rd party applications for advanced production automation.Limitations:
* Cannot save the document

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