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Photo ID Studio 2.5 Description

In daily life we usually see all kinds of cards, such as business card, ID card, employee's card, Christmas card and so on. But have you ever wanted to create a good looking business card without spending on it much time? Or want to make an individual Christmas card for sending to your best friends? Yes, you can. With a card designer it is a little case for you. Here is a popular and excellent card designer tool I will recommend to you. That is Photo ID Studio. Stop spending a lot of money on machine-made cards. Come with me and experience the benefits and practicability of this card designer now!Photo ID Studio is a professional photo ID utility. This is a complete solution that lets us produce fully customizable, high quality photo ID cards in a quick and easy manner. It covers all the stages of photo ID cards creation - from designing an appearence to printing of an ID card. With Photo ID Studio we can create a professionally looking, full-color photo id cards (identification cards, badges, security access cards, loyalty cards, etc.) in a matter of minutes. It doesn't matter whether we run an organization with hundreds of employes, or just need to print a few membership cards - Photo ID Studio is always an excellent choice! Following are some key features and advantages of Photo ID Studio, including:Photo ID Studio is easy to use and learn. We can create a photo ID card from scratch in three simple steps. Photo ID Studio provides a special "10 Minutes Quick Start Guide" for us. The guide will lead us through the process step-by-step, allowing us to create our first photo ID card in just few minutes.Photo ID Studio allows us to design an appearence of the photo ID card in a built-in designer. The designer lets us create a photo ID card layout from simple elements: lines, rectangles, ellipses, text and images. Both, single sided and double sided designs are supported. Working with the designer is easy. We can add chosen element to the design, change their size and position and customize their properties. In spite of its simplicity the designer has everithing we could expect from a modern graphics editor, such as: Undo/Redo support; Zoom In/Zoom Out; Aligning obects with a grid; Image capture from a digital camera or a scanner; More than 20 image formats, including *.PSD.Photo ID Studio stores all user information in an internal database. The database is a set of personnel records. All information about a person (name, surname, photo, etc.) is stored within the database. We'll not have to enter the same information every time we decide to issue a card. Every project can have a separate database. For example, we may have one database for our employees and another one for our visitors. As well as we can add, modify or delete personnel records; Customize personnel fields; Switch between different databases and so on.Once we desiged the layout and prepared the database, we may start to print photo ID cards. That's the most easy part - we just choose the person, the design and click on "Print Badge". Photo ID Studio can print photo ID cards on any Windows compatible printer (PVC or paper). We can print a single card or a set of cards, just select an appropriate number of personnel records.The interface of Photo ID Studio is clean, easy to understand and nice to work with, making ID card creation a fun job to do. The help file of Photo ID Studio would prove to be good assistant for performing the task well.Overall, with Photo ID Studio we can design as many labels and business cards and print as many copies as we want. Why are you still reading? Get Photo ID Studio and design cards yourself now!Create customized photo ID cards for your employees from scratch in three steps.Photo ID Studio is a professional photo id software. This is a complete solution that lets you produce fully customizable, high quality photo id cards in a quick and easy manner. It covers all the stages of photo id cards creation - from designing an appearence to printing of an id card.With Photo ID Studio you can create a professionally looking, full-color photo id cards (identification cards, badges, security access cards, loyalty cards, etc.) in a matter of minutes.It doesn't matter whether you run an organization with hundreds of employes, or just need to print a few membership cards - Photo ID Studio is always an outstanding choice !1. Preparation
First download and install the lastest version of Photo ID Studio, and start the software.2. Project
Create a project named 'My first project' ('File' -> 'New' -> 'Project')3. Photo ID Card Design
Create a new design named 'My first design' ('File' -> 'New' -> 'Design')4. Add graphics to your design
Adding a rectangle.
Managing a text.
Managing an image.5. Personnel and photo id card issue center
Now you should create a personnel record and print a photo id card. Choose the menu command 'File' -> 'My first project' (that's the name of your current project). You'll see the Project control center became active.6. Creating a personnel record
Choose the menu command 'Person' -> 'New' and create a new personnel record.7. Printing a photo id card
Select a personnel record with a mouse.One of them is the need for professionally printed employee ID cards. If you have a business of one man, using Microsoft Word to crank one or two ID cards may be fine. On the other end of the scale are companies, needing tens of hundreds of customized, full-color photo ID cards. For those businesses, professional ID creation program like Photo ID Studio is a necessary choice.Designing an ID card in Photo ID Studio is as simple as playing Lego. You arrange the elements, such as lines, rectangles, ellipses, text and images into a layout and that`s pretty much you need to do. As you make a design, you can use Undo/Redo, zoom in and out options, manipulate several objects, and create single-sided and double sided designs. The photo can be loaded into the program, captured from a digital camera or a scanner via TWAIN.The software supports more than 20 image formats, including Photoshop PSD format. Once the design is made, the next step is to create a database. To add a new employee, create a personal record, fill in its fields, such as name, surname, photo and print the card. Records in the database can be changed on the fly at any time after the database has been created. Printing is available for any printer that is compatible with Microsoft Windows. You can print a single card or a set of cards provided that you selected an appropriate number of personal records.

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