3D Route Builder

Software ID: 141423

3D Route Builder Description

3D Route Builder is a strong GPS editor for fine grain control over paths directly in Google Earth. These can then be either built from scratch or based on existing KML/KMZ, GPX or Garmin Training Center TCX. They can then be retraced at scalable real time speed.* Fine grain, live control over 3D paths in Google Earth - compliments the built-in Path Editor
* Google Earth embedded in 3D Route Builder
* Edit and build paths - modify or create from scratch accurate GPS and Garmin data sets with altitude and time-stamps
* Import, edit or create time-stamps including selective re-scaling and nudging
* Synchronize with video (e.g. helmet cam recordings)
* Playback routes in real time with helicopter tracking
* Get altitude and location data from Google Earth (Altitude Filler / Extract Altitude / Elevation)
* Adjust altitude and location of one or more points in centimeter increments
* View altitude profile against distance
* View altitude profile against time (Plus Version Only)
* Correct barometric drift
* Smoothing of altitude profiles
* Import KML/KMZ, GPX or Garmin Training Center TCX
* Export data as GPS Exchange Format (GPX), Google Earth (KML, KMZ), Garmin (CRS or TCX), Salite (Mountain Pass profile format), (Customizable) Comma Separated Values, and Pro-Cycling Manager XML format
* Edit and save your existing GPX, KML/KMZ, Garmin TCX files. Move points in location, altitude and time without altering your original file format (Plus Version Only)
* Print data grid
* Build and edit routes on planet MarsFeatures:
* Fine Grain Path Editor
* Can use Google Earth
* Embed Google Earth
* Support time editing, scaling and shifting (e.g. synch with video)
* Playback in real-time
* Remove ads from playback
* Off-line playback
* Helicopter tracking of playback
* Altitude editing
* Altitude versus distance profile
* Altitude versus time profile
* Correct barometric drift
* Smoothing of altitude profiles
* Maximum number of points
* Open route from url
* Import Google Earth KML/KMZ
* Import Garmin Training Center TCX
* Import GPS Exchange (GPX)
* Export Google Earth KML/KMZ
* Export Garmin Training Center TCX
* Export GPS (GPX)
* Export Salite, CSV, Pro-Cycling Manager XML
* Edit and save existing Google Earth KML/KMZ
* Edit and save existing Garmin Training Center TCX (Course)
* Edit and save existing GPS (GPX)
* Download from Garmin GPS Device (USB) (not all models)
* Upload to Garmin GPS Device (USB)
* Edit longitude, latitude and gradient in data grid
* Mars Mode (Build and edit routes on Mars)
* Printing Data Grid
* Printing Data Grid without Branding

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