Easy Accounting 3.0.33

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Easy Accounting 3.0.33 Description

CompuEx Easy Accounting, Top Quality Small to Medium Sized Business Management and Accounting Software, A Multi Company, Multi Branch, Multi Warehouse, Multi Currency Small Business Management and Accounting Software, supporting up to 5 concurrent users, offers a comprehensive suite of integrated financial accounting and operations management modules covering Accounts, Bank, Inventory, Sales and Receivable, Purchase and Payable, Tax Management, and a comprehensive Financial and Management Reports via Crystal Reports.
Easy Accounting Key Advantages:
* Complete accounting feature set
* Highly cost impactful
* Maximum economy
* Network ready
* Easy to install and work
* Data protection
* Data integrity
* Data security
* User friendly
* Saves you considerable time
* Error free accounting
* Powerful reporting
Product Features:
* Business Cycle Diagram
* Connect Customers, Partners and Employees with Easy Accounting Basic: Business Cycle Diagram.
* Your business is more than internal operations: to be successful, you need to efficiently manage your own purchases of goods, services, and raw materials; foster and control your relationships with your suppliers and your business partners; and create, manage, and retain your customer base. All these relationships are more efficiently and economically managed with Easy Accounting.
* Serial numbering
* Serial numbering will allow you to migrate your manual accounts to a fully computerized system at any time of your financial year. Serial Numbering allow users to customize starting numbers of all source documents to their existing document numbers. Other features such as manual numbering of source documents allow users to follow with their existing document numbering.
* Global Features
* System Management controls access to all the modules and manages information in a secured way. The system administrator can create multiple companies, multiple branches, user groups, and users.
* Backup and Restoring
* Backup and restoring the database can be done easily. With the help of the To-do list, the system administrator organizes the tasks to be done.
* To prevent accidental data loss due to power failure or hard disk failure, you have to retrieve the back-up copy of your valuable data. CompuEx Easy Accounting Basic System will allow you to get the backup very easily.
* Accounts Management Module
* In Easy Accounting Basic, the accounts module is the heart of the system with its reliable general ledger. It is the central location in which all accounting transactions are stored (posted), summarized (totalled by account) and processed (adjusted and balanced), resulting in informative financial statements.
* Inventory Management Module
* Each and every business requires accurate information about the inventory location, movement and valuation. This module will provide details of the stock and stock value from your inventory location.
* Inaccurate inventory information will lead you to loss in sales and delay in delivery. Profit reports will be incorrect if valuation is either overstated or understated.
* Purchase Management Module
* Easy Accounting will allow you to keep track of purchase orders, vendor details and enables you to maintain a smooth relationship with your vendors.
* You can enter invoices from vendors or enter cash purchases. The system automatically calculates discount amounts.
* Balance amount in local currency and also in foreign currency to vendors can be viewed at any time, saving time and effort through automatic continuation of document cycles throughout the sales cycle.
* Sales Management Module
* Easy Accounting Basic will allow you to keep track of your customer details and enables you to manage your customers in an efficient way by tracking credit limits and the aged receivable details. Minimising inaccuracy and errors in handling documents related to quantity or value,in addition to calculating payments and converting them to different currencies.
* You can enter invoices for customers or for cash sales. The system automatically calculates discount amounts.
* Bank Management Module
* Every month you can count on receiving your cancelled checks and/or statement from your company's bank, and you are required to sort your checks, account for your deposits, and reconcile your checking account balance to the bank's balance. But often there is a discrepancy.
* The Easy Accounting Basic bank reconciliation module simplifies the monthly reconciliation process, detects unrecorded transactions between books and bank, locates the errors or differences, records the corrections and reconciles your books to the bank statement.
* Reporting Module
* Easy Accounting uses the market standard reporting system, Seagate Crystal Reports. You can easily deliver rich, interactive content from Easy Accounting data source; publish it to the Web in a variety of formats. Crystal Reports is part of a suite of integrated technologies that ensure data can be accessed, analysed, reported on and delivered to any stakeholder anytime, anywhere, by any device.

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