Music Database 2000 2.262

Software ID: 138802

Music Database 2000 2.262 Description

Music Database 2000 is a database program to organize your music collection or music library. It is intended for DJs, Music Collectors, Radio Stations, Entertainers, Musicians, Churches, Record Stores and the like. The software offers several search functions and support import via CDDB, RPM DJ series, Promo Only series and MMS DJ series. It can also import an existing database or allows to enter data manually. Additional features include printout support, playlists, mass data changes and more. Uses a very simple, not overly attractive interface.
Music Database Software - MDB2000 Features:
* Features CDDB2 (TM) Internet Database Access
* JUST insert your audio CD in the CD-ROM drive and it will go out on the
* internet and get the track listings! SAVES TON'S OF TIME.
* NEW-It can look up albums without the CD also!
* NEW! - (under testing) Imports MP3 data from MP3 files on your hard drive or from MP3 CDs.
* Export your song list out to if you are a DJ.
* Great for clients to view/browse your database on-line in a searchable easy-to-use format!
* For those interested in running this on a PALM PILOT or similar please click here
* New! Supports Colored Fonts and different sizes click here
* New! Faster, easier manual entry for non-CD collections (45's, LP's, Mini Discs) or custom CD's. You can store popular artist names/titles in a list and dbl-click on them to quickly enter them into the current entry.
* Saves a lot of typing the same thing over and over.
* Change the FONT sizes and COLORS of the search grid (main search page)
* g rid along with the background COLORS. Great for radio station control
* rooms and for laptops at nightclubs and DJ shows.
* Uses Microsoft(R) Access '97 industry standard database format. We do NOT use proprietary formats like other database programs.
* You can sort on any search columns you want just by clicking the column name in our music database software!
* Create a text playlist of your favorite songs and print them or store them in multiple playlists
* (the program does not yet play songs from within it)
* Fuzzy searching advanced option *wordtosearchfor searches for words that end in wordtosearchfor
* and now wordtosearchfor* searches faster for only songs that start with a certain word
* You can now lookup album songs without using CDs! Just enter the artist and one song title from it and the system will lookup the rest of the songs on the album.
* Add and delete your own fields or categories (click here for a FLASH tutorial on how to do this)
* It is easy to change the search grid categories (their order and which appear) Real Video Tutorial | Windows Media
* Has a category for BPM (Beats per minute) used by club DJs, however CDDB (internet database) does not have many BPMs at this time.
* Search/Sort by any field you want--->Title, Artist, BPM, Type of music, Year and more!
* This is outstanding for use at DJ shows to look up songs on the spot!
* FAST! Search 1,000 songs with a Pentium 166 about 2.5 seconds!
* Add your own categories/fields See Here . Simply DELETE the ones you don't use. Saves database size.
* See the Main Search Screen that you can customize what displays on it.
* It can handle BIG databases with 100,000 songs or more!
* You decide what categories/fields to display on the main search screen. If all you need is title/artist/ID then re-size the grid and it will 'remember' the settings just the way you like them!
* We will convert your current database or text file for Free in most cases (Some are $25-50.00 US Dollars) to mdb2000 software
* What is the capacity of mdb2000 Click HERE to see our test results with this database. Searching this takes 60-90 seconds at 800,000 songs (that's over 50,000 CD'S!). Faster searching is available with an upgraded, industrial version of MDB2000 (call for details)
* Music Database Software imports Top Hits USA DJ series of music and Promo Only DJ series ( request latest updates on RPM/Promo here ) You won't have to type in all the those songs by hand! NEW! MMS Canadian music series HERE (requires version 2.161c or higher) to import. Imports ERG music series
* Imports TM Century DJ and Radio series with version 2.204 and higher. Music Database Software, MDB2000 music organizer program for your DJ music database or DJ music collection for cds lps vinyl and 45s.
* Want to see a wider search grid on the main screen. You can now re-size it based on your screen size either 640x480 or 800x600 or larger screen size
* DJ's copy your database to your laptop and bring it to the shows!
* COMING SOON- We will be producing an add-on to the software where it can search your hard drives/CDR's
* for MP3 Files and get the ID Tag from them and put the data into this database!
* You customize your printouts within music database program any way you want--by BPM , Title, Artist and more.
* Export your songlist to HTML, Word, Text, or E-mail to a friend or client.
* Print your report in 1 column 2 columns or 3 columns wide to save on paper!
* Data Entry is fast and has 'smart memory' which if you are entering songs from the same artist on the same CD, then when you see it ask for artist PRESS ENTER and it will type in the artist for you! If you are entering tracks in order 1-20 then just press enter and it automatically adds one number to the last track you entered! Very FAST and easy.
* You can even CHOOSE the categories you use and delete the ones you don't need see here
* DJ's can use music database program LIVE at shows to quickly find songs by title,artist, BPM or almost any other category!
* Print all the Titles A-Z , Print Album Titles A-Z, Print Artists A-Z.Print just your Disco Songs...You can do it all with just this program!
* Supports multiple databases on one computer (if you have multiple music collections or DJ systems!)
* Exports data to text files. Exports data to HTML (under final testing)
* Network Version is available where more than one person can add data/read data at the same time!
* Network version is in use at many radio stations and works outstanding!
* NEW! Music Database Software MDB2000 can quickly search similar songs by +- 5 BPM by a right-click of a button! This is outstanding for nightclub DJ's who need to find a song within a certain BPM based on the current song selected or by typing in a BPM to search for!
* NEW! Quickly search similar songs by +- 5 SECONDS of time by a right-click of a button! This is outstanding for radio stations or any situation where searching for a song within a certain # of seconds is needed.

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