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Do you have a lot of music stored on your hard drive Do you have troubles on management of them I am a music fan and I have large numbers of audio files, such as MP3, WMA, RM and so on. I have used several media players but most of them lack a important function which I need first - the media organizing and management functions. Management of media had troubled me for a long time until I catch sight of Yahoo Music Jukebox accidentally. With Yahoo Music Jukebox we can manage and organize our media files and we can also play them with the integrated player at the same time. Do you have the same troubles as me Trust me, Yahoo Music Jukebox is the best choice of you.Yahoo Music Jukebox is a fully featured media player an organizer with many powerful features like CD Burning, Ripping, Internet Radio and much more. It also offers a complete file management solution with many organizing features. An optional Plus version is available for a fee but requires free registration.The detailed functions and benefits of Yahoo Music Jukebox include: Yahoo! Music Jukebox Player Controls, including: Player Controls. Volume Control. Yahoo! Music Jukebox Mini Mode. Playing Music with Visualizations. Graphic Equalizer Controls. Auto Play, AutoBrowse, Find Other Versions. Yahoo! Music Unlimited - Yahoo! Music Unlimited is the collection of more than two million songs we can enjoy through the Yahoo! Music Jukebox.. There are two convenient ways to access the entire library of full length songs: First we can subscribe to Yahoo! Music Unlimited, which gives us unlimited access to all of the more than two million songs for a very low price per month (we also get Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Plus radio with our subscription, we can buy burnable song downloads at a discount, and more.) Or, we can also simply buy individual song downloads to burn on CDs without a subscription. Now Playing - Now playing appears in the column on the right side of Yahoo! Music Jukebox. This is a powerful tool for creating playlists, capturing and exploring new music from many Yahoo! Music Jukebox features, and much more. Now Playing works differently with each feature of the Yahoo! Music Jukebox. Read below to find out what we can do with the Now Playing window using various Yahoo! Music Jukebox features. Primarily we will use Now Playing as a "scratch playlist" to make playlists that we can then save, transfer to portable devices, and burn to CD and more. Now Playing also keeps track of all the music we played during our session. This is especially useful as it keeps track of songs played on our LAUNCHcast station. My Music Collection - My Music is the name of our music collection in the Yahoo! Music Jukebox. It's the place where all the songs we have burned, added from Yahoo! Music Unlimited, purchased, or downloaded are stored. We can manage all our music from the My Music view. From anywhere on the Yahoo! Music Jukebox, click My Music in the left pane to access our collection. Download Manager - The Download Manager is a tool accessed from the left navigation pane that provides us with information about music files downloaded to the Yahoo! Music Jukebox. This includes burnable downloads we purchase individually, and subscription music which is downloaded to our machine. LAUNCHcast and LAUNCHcast Plus Radio - Yahoo! LAUNCHcast is a streaming music service available through the Yahoo! Music Jukebox that allows us to create our own customized station tailored to our tastes. Rate artists and albums highly to hear them often and ban the ones we hate! We can also listen to our extensive collection of pre-made stations created by our editorial staff. Playlists - Playlist is a list of songs we can use for many purposes when managing our music with the Yahoo! Music Jukebox. It gathers music into lists for easy organization, but it's much more than that. We create playlists in several ways, and when we save them, they sit in the Playlists area accessible from the left navigation pane. Click Playlists to view any playlists we have saved. You can add tracks to playlists, remove tracks, move them around, and more. We can also delete or rename playlists by right-clicking on the playlist name and selecting our choice. Messenger Music - Messenger Music is a powerful and unique feature of the Yahoo! Music Jukebox. It allows us to communicate with other Yahoo! members instantly, but also to view and hear their music and allow them to view and listen to ours. Note that Messenger Music does not enable or permit us to copy or transfer music files to other members, but it does allow us to listen to our friends' music through streaming. Music in the Home - Yahoo! Music Jukebox lets us take our music beyond the PC to share and enjoy it throughout our home or office. Using optional media players and devices, we can enjoy all the music we have in the Yahoo! Music Jukebox and Yahoo! Music Unlimited anywhere in our home, including our best sound systems or shared with other listeners. We can think of it as a way to bring music into every aspect of your life. There are two ways to enjoy music from our PC with the Yahoo! Music Jukebox at home: First is the Network Music feature of the Yahoo! Music Jukebox with an optional network media player; second is the optional wireless audio adapter. Music Profiles - Express and share our music tastes with the Yahoo! community through My Music Profile. Here, we can write a text description of our Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Plus or music tastes and displays the music we like to other users. They can then view our favorite artists and listen to our customized radio station. We can also use our profile to administer our personal music choices, including managing discovery settings for Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Radio, Explicit Lyrics filter, and more. This is also the place to view our Influencers and Followers - the members we choose to impact our music tastes, and those who look to us for music recommendations, and browse members whose tastes are similar to our own. Note: We must be online and logged in to the Yahoo! Music Jukebox in order to view or change My Music Profile. Yahoo! Music Jukebox Plug-Ins - Expand the Functionality of the Yahoo! Music Jukebox with Downloadable Plug Ins! Plug ins exist for Pod casting, playlist syndication and mail to a friend, Yahoo! Photos, alternate user interfaces, and much more. Also, there are instructions for easily creating our own plug ins and skins for Yahoo! Music Jukebox. Podcasts and the Yahoo! Music Jukebox - We can enjoy podcasts on the Yahoo! Music Jukebox, using our portable player, or with a web browser. We can listen to podcasts one at a time (say, using your web browser) or we can "subscribe" to the entire pod cast series using software on our PC. When we subscribe to a pod cast, all new shows will be automatically downloaded to our computer as they are published. And if we have a portable player, the next time we sync our device, our podcasts will be downloaded for listening on the go.What a nice multimedia player it is! With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability and free trial - why are you still reading Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!Rip, mix and burn CDs with the free Yahoo! Music Jukebox. Import and manage your entire music collection on your computer or network. Easily create playlists of your favorite artists and send to friends through email, IM or share with other music community users. Transfer your music or playlists to portable devices. Find new music: the Yahoo! Music Jukebox generates individuated music recommendations based on your music ratings and the ratings of other members you select to influence your profile. Gain access with the Yahoo! Music Jukebox to Yahoo! Music Unlimited, a subscription service providing 'on demand' access to a library of over one million songs, as well as 120+ commercial-free radio stations with LAUNCHcast Plus premium radio.

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EvilLyrics Automatically searches and displays lyrics to current song in Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar, iTunes, Real Player, MusicMatch, QCD, JetAudio, XMPlay, Meedio, Yahoo! Music Engine, AlbumPlayer and more Automatically searches and displays lyrics to current song in Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar, iTunes, Real Player, MusicMatch or QCD, XMPlay, JetAudio, Meedio, Yahoo! Music Engine, AlbumPlayer and more

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Virtual Music Jukebox Virtual Music Jukebox is known as the industry standard when it comes to a true Jukebox Experience. VMJ is designed to give the true look and feel of a modern, bar style jukebox right on your desktop. VMJ even offers many of the same options that you'll find in the popular digital jukeboxes at your local bar or pub.

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WQXR New York Classical Music Radio WQXR New Yorks Classical Music RadioWQXR is New York Citys premier Classical Music radio station for both classical music fanatics and beginners. Unlike most classical music jukebox apps or other stations, WQXR is still hosted and curated by REAL ... WQXR New Yorks Classical Music Radio WQXR is New York Citys premier Classical Music radio station for both classical music fanatics and beginners. Unlike most classical music jukebox apps or other stations, WQXR is still hosted and curated by...