VibeStudio Designer 2.5.908.10

Software ID: 138096

VibeStudio Designer 2.5.908.10 Description

Vibestudio Designer is a professional 3D audio design suite comprised of two applications: VibeStation and Profiler. Together these applications create a one of a kind spatial audio package that provides the capability to compose and render spatial audio scenes to binaural headphones or 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, or 10.2 loudspeaker display. Compose and render immersive audio scenes over headphones or loudspeaker displays.Vibestation allows you to create and audition complex audio scenes by simply dragging scene elements onto an interactive 3D canvas. Those elements can be audio files, ReWire inputs, audio inputs, VOIP inputs, scene geometry, or motion paths. Control the behavior of any of those scene elements using either VibeStation's timeline editor or you can control them interactively using Open Sound Control.1. Full sound propagation model - VibeStation renders audio using a full sound propagation model that simulates everything that happens to a sound as it travels form its source to your ears. This includes distance attenuation, air absorption, material absorption, propagation delay, reverberation, and occlusion effects. All this is done in real-time and in an interactive system.2. Configurable rendering pipeline - VibeStation uses a configurable audio pipeline architecture to simulate how sound propagates through an environment. This architecture gives you complete control over how the rendering pipeline processes sound. You can use VibeStation's pipeline editor to turn any of the pipeline stages on or off.3. XML audio scene specification - VibeStation scenes are stored as eXtended Markup Language documents. Using an open standard gives you complete access to the stored scene.4. Wave Point Sampling (WPS) - WPS is an advanced technology developed by VRSonic for rendering 3D audio on loudspeakers. Unlike panning techniques, WPS uses loudspeakers to create a virtual sound field around the listener. This results in more accurate source positioning, smoother source trajectories, and an amazingly natural sound.5. Open Sound Control (OSC) - VibeStation's OSC implementation gives you total control over the audio scene for live applications. You can create scene elements on the fly as well as control their behavior interactively. Connect an OSC compliant control surface to your setup and VibeStation becomes a live instrument for DJ or live music performances.6. ReWire integration - VibeStation can operate either as a ReWire device or a ReWire mixer. This lets you use your favorite audio synths as scene elements in VibeStation. It also means that you can send VibeStation's rendered audio output to your DAW for further processing.7. Audition and render scenes to binaural stereo, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1 or 10.2 - Audio scenes authored with VibeStation are completely independent of how you render them. Once you've authored a scene, you can then audition and render it for practically any 3D audio or surround format.Limitations:
* Save is disabled
* Runtime limited to 30 minutes.

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