USB Lock Standard 5.2

Software ID: 137536

USB Lock Standard 5.2 Description

USB Lock Standard enables you to block the unauthorized use of portable USB storage devices, CD-RW, DVD-WR & Floppy Drives and Bluetooth or IrDA file transfers. A password protected interface allows you to easily activated or deactivate blocking for selected devices with the click of a button or via USB token. The software is smart enough to recognize most non-storage devices such as mice, keyboards, printers etc. and exclude them from being blocked. USB Lock Standard also includes USB Lock Aware, which allows you to automatically log any files transfers to or from removable storage devices, as well as a portable encryption module that enables you to password protect selected files on your USB drive. In order to activate the USB lock mode, all USB storage devices must be disconnected (including backup drives and card readers and iPods), which can be rather inhandy for those who have one of these devices permanently connected to their computer.USB Lock Standard is for PC or Laptops - USB drives & smartcards. Protects information contained in PCs or Laptops. And USB Lock Portable Protector (included) password protects information contained usb thumb drives and smartcards.1. Block or allow Removable Drives: USB (Thumb drives, IPods, mp3 players..), Smart cards readers (CF, SD, MMC, XD..) Zip, floppy drives. Compact discs:CD's, DVD's. Transceivers:Infrared (IrDA), USB Bluetooth.
2. Capable of running on manual (with password) or automatic mode (usb token)
3. USB Aware:Monitors and reports the names of extracted files by usb storage device( included)
4. USB Lock Portable Protector: Password protects the infomation inside usb thumb drives and smartcards (included)
5. For PCs or Laptops running Windows XP or Vista (32 or 64 bits) without affecting performance.Advantages:
1. Real-time protection of all user accounts, running light at operating system level, without affecting the normally used usb peripherals: keyboards, mouse, most printers, scanner, v-cams etc.
2. Able to run on manual or auto mode:
- manual mode (with password): System tray easy access password window from any account.
- auto mode (with usb token): Easily making your usb thumb drive a key (token) that allows usage normally when inseted and activates protection when its removed.
3. Requires password to uninstall.
4. Reports the names of extracted files by usb storage (usb aware ability included)
5. Operates on any PC or Laptop running Windows XP or Vista (32 or 64 bits) without affecting performanceStorage Removable Drives:
- USB (thumb drives, IPod, MP3 players...)
- Smart Cards (CF, SD, MMC, XD...)
- Other Removable drives (Zip, floppy...)
Compact discs: CD's, DVD's..
Transceivers:Infrared (IrDA),USB BluetoothPortable protector
- Drag & Drop functionality
- Auto destroys protected files after 4 wrong password entries.
- 128 bit hash key to ciphers all data content.
- Create as many protectors as needed
- Runs within usb drive (operates in other PC)

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