Religion::Islam::Qibla 1.02

Software ID: 126717

Religion::Islam::Qibla 1.02 Description

Religion::Islam::Qibla is a Perl module that calculates the Muslim Qiblah Direction, Great Circle Distance, and Great Circle Direction. SYNOPSIS use Religion::Islam::Qibla, #create new object with default options, Destination point is Kabah Lat=21 Deg N, Long 40 Deg E my $qibla = Religion::Islam::Qibla->new(), # OR #create new object and set your destination point Latitude and/or Longitude my $qibla = Religion::Islam::Qibla->new(DestLat => 21, DestLong => 40), # Calculate the Qibla direction From North Clocklwise for Cairo : Lat=30.1, Long=31.3 my $Latitude = 30.1, my $Longitude = 31.3, my $QiblaDirection = $qibla->QiblaDirection($Latitude, $Longitude), print "The Qibla Direction for $Latitude and $Longitude From North Clocklwise is: " . $QiblaDirection ."n", # Calculates the distance between any two points on the Earth my $OrigLat = 31, my $DestLat = 21, my $OrigLong = 31.3, $DestLong = 40, my $distance = $qibla->GreatCircleDistance($OrigLat , $DestLat, $OrigLong, $DestLong), print "The distance is: $distance n", # Calculates the direction from one point to another on the Earth. Great Circle Bearing my $direction = $qibla->GreatCircleDirection($OrigLat, $DestLat, $OrigLong, $DestLong, $Distance), print "The direction is: $direction n", # You can get and set the distination point Latitude and Longitude # $qibla->DestLat(21), # set distination Latitude # $qibla->DestLong(40), # set distincatin Longitude print "Destination Latitude:" . $qibla->DestLat(), print "Destination Longitude:" . $qibla->DestLong(),

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