Pacestar UML Diagrammer 6.22.2044

Software ID: 11918

Pacestar UML Diagrammer 6.22.2044 Description

Creates UML 2.0 diagrams quickly and easily. Develop, document, and communicate your designs in a systematic yet flexible commonly understood notation. Supports activity, class and object, use case, sequence, state, package, and component deployment diagrams, and more. This specialized drawing and design tool helps you exploit the best aspect of UML, the standardized visual design process without imposing a cumbersome project methodology. And it simplifies this process so that you can be productive immediately with little or no training. Hyperlinked tips provide instant help. Professional visual design features include full pan and zoom, graphics import, web page export, poster printing, hyperlinks, curves, custom arrowheads, and the ability to add your diagrams to most other documents. Powerful grid and alignment aids keep your diagram attractive. Highly customizable.

Windows 98, Windows XP
Nevron User Interface for .NET
TeeChart for .NET
XMLFox Advance XML and XSD Editor
Nevron Diagram for .NET
Flexible TreeView
Syser Debugger
Trace Modeler for UML Sequence Diagrams
Trace Modeler is an easy to use and smart editor for UML sequence diagrams... It instantly updates the diagram layout, freeing you to focus on the actual content... Ideal for documenting existing systems and brainstorming new designs.. And fast too!
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AWinstall is a professional, efficient and easy-to-use setup builder for creating compact and intelligent setups for your Win32 and .NET applications. A modern user interface, help and wizards allow you to create professional setups in minutes.
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OxyProject Metrics
OxyProject Metrics is an application that provides code metrics for software projects empowering software professionals to assess the complexity and maturity of a software product.
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Syncro SVN Client
Syncro SVN Client is a cross platform application supporting all range of Subversion operations, in a very productive user interface.
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Quick.Forum - freeware and fast message board
Freeware, fast, simple, and multilingual message board.
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OxyGen Code Generator
Outputs include SQL Statements, Data Access Layer classes, Caching and Domain Model classes. The Business Layer is exposed through WCF, XML Web Services and ASP.NET. Searching, Paging Table Inheritance included.
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Facebook Sharer PRO
Share Multiple Messages On Facebook Script
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Barcode Professional for WPF
Barcode for WPF .NET. High quality vector-based Linear, Postal and 2D Symbologies. Visual Studio support. WPF data-binding support. Crystal Reports .NET Support. Save barcode images in image files. XML Paper Specification (XPS).
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Just BASIC is a free personal Windows programming tool and tutorial. Great for teaching or learning programming. Create utilities, games, business apps with syntax coloring editor, debugger, GUI editor. Produces standalone applications.
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IntegralUI TreeView
With IntegralUI TreeView you can create rich hierarchical presentation of your data. Use XML tags to fill the tree node content with text in multiple colors and paragraghs, images, custom controls, checkbox, flag and hyperlinks.
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Gantt Chart Library 2.0
Gantt Chart Library 2.0 contains Gantt Chart related previous version Windows client components, such as the GanttChartView, and ResourceLoadChartView controls.
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EJS TreeGrid Gantt chart
Interactive DHTML Gantt chart by EJS TreeGrid. Supports dependencies (ss,sf,fs,ff), expected and real flow, completion percent, milestones, flags, resources, any zoom, editing, dragging. Also formulas, sort, filter, group, search, print, paging, AJAX
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Size: 15.6 MB | License: Shareware | Category: Programming
Visual Paradigm for UML Visual Paradigm for the Unified Modeling Language (VP-UML) is a UML CASE suite. The suite of tools are designed for a wide range of users, including Software Engineers, System Analysts, Business Analysts, System Architects alike, who are interested in building large scale software systems reliably through the use of the Object-Oriented approach.

OS: Windows, Linux, Cross-platform, Unix, Mac
Software Terms: Visual, Paradigm, For, Unified, Modeling, Language, Vp-uml, Is, Uml, Case
Size: 2.4 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$75.85 | Category: Programming
jBixbe jBixbe gives you a new innovative way to debug Java applications on the conceptual level of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) at which they are designed and makes it possible to find not only simple bugs but also weaknesses and insufficiencies in application design. It shows also the big picture of your application so you can realize classes, objects, their relationships and interaction. Different view levels support top down debugging and...

OS: Windows, XP, 2000
Size: 114.3 MB | License: Commercial | Price: US$699 | Category: Programming
Visual Paradigm for UML (PE) for Linux Visual Paradigm for UML is a professional UML tool that supports complete software lifecycle - object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design, construction, testing and deployment. The UML modeling software helps you build quality applications faster, better and at lower cost. You can draw all types of class diagrams, reverse code, generate code from diagrams and generate documentation. The UML CASE tool also provides abundant UML tutorials,...

OS: Linux
Software Terms: Uml Modeler, Uml Tool, Bpmn Designer, Erd Tool, Uml, Unified Modeling Language, Bpmn, Business Process Modeling Notation, Erd, Entity Relationship Diagram
Size: 6.2 MB | License: Shareware | Category: Programming
QuickUML QuickUML is a highly integrated design tool that implements a core set of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). QuickUML is a highly integrated design tool that implements a core set of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). UML is a modeling language or notation that originated by the convergence of previous object-oriented notations and methods including...

Software Terms: Software Protection, Software Activation, Protect Software, License Management, Activation, Copy Protection, Drm, Piracy Protection, Encryption, Activation Service
Size: 31.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$11.99 | Category: Programming
Cubetto UML Create diagrams of the well-known UML on your iPad and iPhone. Stay focused on the contents, the automatic layout engine takes care of the looks.Cubetto UML supports Use Cases, Class and Activity diagrams of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) ... Create diagrams of the well-known UML on your iPad and iPhone. Stay focused on the contents, the automatic layout engine takes care of the looks. Cubetto UML supports Use Cases, Class and Activity diagrams of the Unified Modeling Language (UML)...