GeekTool .0rc 3

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GeekTool .0rc 3 Description

GeekTool 3.0rc3 is a utility as PrefPane (System Preferences module) built for Mac OS 10.5. It let you display on your desktop different kind of informations, provided 3 default plugins : File plugin to monitor MacOS X activity or any file that you want to follow.Shell mode to launch custom scripts or commands like "df" to check space left on filesystems, "uptime" to monitor load of your machine...Finally, Image mode helps you monitor bandwith usage, CPU loads, memory availability of your server, via tools like MRTG or RRD.

Mac OS X
Monitor Saver
Phrase Password Generator
Device Doctor
Zeta Test
EASEUS Partition Master Professional
Import EML into Mac Mail
EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition
GoodNightPC is a PC-based system utility to automaticly shut down, restart, lock or hibernate your computer. Ideal for saving electricity and cut off your power bill. New Features: Boss Keys and automate ad-aware, ccleaner or spybot S&D, defrag etc.
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EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition
EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition is a free and all-in-one partition solution with user-friendly interface; it features Partition Manager, Partition Recovery Wizard and Disk & Partition Copy to solve all disk/partition problems.
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PowerCmd enhances your command prompt with an easy-to-use Windows GUI-style interface and allows you to run multiple consoles within a single tabbed window. Save and restore sessinos, Auto-log, auto-completion are easy solutions to daily needs.
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FlexTk Professional
FlexTk allows one to search and classify files, apply rule-based, file organizing or data migration policies, analyze storage utilization, copy files in a fault-tolerant way, identify duplicate files and free-up wasted storage space.
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Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks
Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks (DPAN) is a free tool allowing you to monitor fragmentation across a network quickly and easily.
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MBR Utility
MBR allows you to manipulate a drives master boot record (MBR) via the command line.
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KDT Soft. RAM Cleaner
KDT Soft. RAM Cleaner is a an award-winning software application which helps optimize your computer's overall RAM performance, thus providing a faster, more efficient PC.
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Key Customizer
Key Customizer can customize keyboard layout, change any key to other keys.This tool allows you to redefine system keys.It is easy to installed and used.Several buttons make you master these functions quickly.
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GSA Auto Website Submitter
GSA Website Submitter submits your website to many search engines and directories. Many special features like a mutation engine for titles and descriptions or the captcha code analysis cuts the time to a minimum to advertise your homepage.
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IP Hider
IP Hider software is a privacy protection tool that hides IP address preventing your surfing habits and your browsing activity form being tracked by websites or Internet Service Providers.
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Take Command
If you are tired of having to choose between the power of the command line and the ease of a GUI, Take Command is the perfect solution. Take Command supports existing CMD.EXE commands and batch files, and adds thousands of new features.
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A software that will offer you information about your CPU.
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Size: 80.8 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Utilities
EventConsolidator .0RC EventConsolidator is an agentless solution for monitoring multiple Windows machines. EventConsolidator is an agentless solution for monitoring multiple Windows machines. It provides a single powerful view of all event logs. Its advanced features help to find problems quickly and before they turn out to be a headache. Reports...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Syslog, Win, Nt, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Xp, Cisco, Service, Daemon, Odbc
Size: 4.5 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Utilities
GeekTool 3.0 RC3 / GeekTool 3. GeekTool 3.0 RC3 / 2.1.2 provides you with a perfect and easy-to-use PrefPane (System Preferences module) which is designed for Mac OS 10.5. It lets you display on your desktop different kind of information, provided 3 default plugins: File plugin...

OS: Mac
Size: 9.1 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Utilities
Python Programming Language .0rc Python is a powerful object oriented programming language that is developed and maintained by a global community of Open Source contributors, under the oversight of the Python Software Foundation. Pythons unique blend of simplicity and power excels in a wide range of software development tasks, including the construction of web applications, complex integrated business solutions, and large desktop applications. Python is often characterized as...

OS: Windows, Unix, Mac
Size: 0 | License: Freeware | Category: Utilities
Trellis Desk .0RC Trellis Desk 1. Trellis Desk 1.0RC1

OS: Linux
Software Terms: Accord, Five, Accord5, Accord 5, Accordfive, Accord Five, Trellis Desk, Trellis, Desk, Help Desk
Size: 1.1 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Utilities
LanToucher Network Chat 1.0RC LanToucher Network Chat is small and easy-to-use chat software for your small office or home LAN (Local Area Network). LanToucher Network Chat is small and easy-to-use chat software for your small office or home LAN (Local Area Network).This easy-to-use LAN chat program with simple, intuitive user interface and a minimum of settings to adjust is an easy text...

OS: Windows