Graph 2.5

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Graph 2.5 Description

This program is for drawing graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system. Graphs may be added with different color and line styles. The program supports standard, parameter and polar functions. It is possible to evaluate a function at an entered point or tracing the function with the mouse. It is possible to add shadings to functions, and series of points to the coordinate system. Trendlines may be added to point series.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Sicyon Lite calculator
RPN Engineering Calculator
Math Studio
Regression Analysis - CurveFitter
Master Math Word Problems
Linear Algebra
Complex Grapher
Rt-Plot is a tool to generate Cartesian X/Y-plots from scientific data. You can enter and calculate tabular data. View the changing graphs, including linear and non linear regression, interpolation, differentiation and integration, during entering.
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Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe
Easily create professional worksheets to provide students with the math practice they need in: whole number, decimal, and fraction operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; number patterns; measurement; factors and...
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Prime Number Spiral
The Prime Number Spiral (a.k.a. the Ulam Spiral) is formed by marking the prime numbers in a spiral arrangement of the natural numbers. This is software is for exploring the Prime Number Spiral.
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Equation Grapher
Equation grapher is an easy-to-use software for 2D function graphing.
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Breaktru Fractions n Decimals
Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply fractions.Convert a decimal to a fraction or a fraction to a decimal. Quick and easy interface. No confusing menus. Converts decimals to fractions. Great for school or work. Handy for STOCK quote
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Function Grapher
Function Grapher is graph maker to create 2D, 2.5D, 3D and 4D function graphs, animations and table graphs.
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School Calendar
School Calendar will help you with assignment organization, project due dates, and scheduling. It can even remind you when your scheduled event is about to happen. Included are two viewing modes, search, auto-backup, iCalendar data exchange.
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Archim is a program for drawing the graphs of all kinds of functions. You can define a graph explicitly and parametrically, in polar and spherical coordinates, on a plane and in space (surface). Archim will be useful for teachers and students.
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Inverse Matrices
The program provides detailed, step-by-step solution in a tutorial-like format to the following problem: Given a 2x2 matrix, or a 3x3 matrix, or a 4x4 matrix, or a 5x5 matrix. Find its inverse matrix by using the Gauss-Jordan elimination method. The...
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Random Number Generator Pro
Random Number Generator is a application designed to generate random numbers.
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Math Quiz Creator
Math Quiz Creator lets a parent or teacher create quizzes with any type of arithmetic problem, customized to their students' needs.
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Math Calculator
Math calculator, also derivative calculator, integral calculator, calculus calculator, expression calculator, equation solver, can be used to calculate expression, derivative, root, extremum, integral.
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Size: 15.0 KB | License: Demo | Price: US$39.99 | Category: Mathematics
CeledyDraw CeledyDraw is a desktop publishing program with page layout, drawing and word processing functions. With CeledyDraw you can quickly create frames of rectangle or any other desired shape and flow text from frame to frame and from page to page. Text can be formatted with full range of paragraph and character formatting. Bulleted lists, Numbered lists, Tabbed align and symbols are among the formatting options. With CeledyDraw you can wrap text...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Graphic, Publishing, Drawing, Page Layout, Adobe, Corel, Painting
Size: 962.6 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Mathematics
Tams11 DrawNet Test your skills in this drawing charades game. Test your skills in this drawing charades game. Both the drawer and the player who guesses correctly gets points. You can even take snapshots of your favorite pictures. You don't need to be a famous artist to enjoy this game! In order to play with...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Tams11 Drawnet, Publisher Of Tams11 Drawnet, Author Of Tams11 Drawnet 2 2 7 2, Order, Enjoy, Artist, Famous, Others, Tams11, Found
Size: 14.8 MB | License: Shareware | Category: Mathematics
Infinity Brush No learning curve is required for the majority of painting and drawing functions of this image program. No learning curve is required for the majority of painting and drawing functions of this image program. Just start the program, drag the mouse cursor, and start drawing on a full screen. Select a different function and draw. Select a control to...

Size: 20.3 MB | License: Shareware | Category: Mathematics
CAD6 Eco CAD6 Eco is a software that brings you basic drawing functions, a easy-to-use solution for creating and editing designs. CAD6 Eco is a software that brings you basic drawing functions, a easy-to-use solution for creating and editing designs. CAD6 Eco allows you to create two-dimensional technical drawings including dimensioning. It also supports layers, libraries,...

Software Terms: Cad6, Cad, Cam, Drawing, Draw, Planning, Construction, Constructing, Visualization, Design
Size: 716.8 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$3.99 | Category: Mathematics
Fixed Income Cheat Sheet This is a cheatsheet for Fixed Income functions within the BLB. It points you to the command keys when you search for a particular fixed income-related function. Looking for an often-used bond function such as YAS (Bond prices based on bond yield spread) or SWPM (Interest rate calculator)? Trying to setup a butterfly strategy but don't know what the command key is? Or you didn't even realize BLB had a calculator for that? Well, look no...