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Dc Circuits Challenge

Size: 3.1 MB | License: Commercial | Price: US$24.73
Category: eBooks
Ohmmeter Challenge Ohmmeter Challenge is designed to help you teach students to analyze wiring and troubleshoot circuits using digital ohmmeters. Activities teach students to find shorted and open circuits in wiring. Troubleshooting circuits consisting of wiring, resistors, lamps, relays, coils, diodes, switches and PC boards are included. Each activity consists of randomly selected parameters and components.
Size: 14.6 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Arcade Games
Circuit Defenders Circuit Defenders is a fast paced 3D Tower Defense game, where your challenge is to defend computer circuits from attacking virus armies that are infiltrating the circuits via the communications port. You have an assortment of defense towers at your disposal, and the ability to upgrade them as needed to ensure you can withstand the enemy onslaught. Circuit Defenders User Level gallery Amazing built-in Circuits Play any of the TWELVE circuits...

OS: Windows
Size: 1.8 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Misc. Applications
Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only) Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only) create electronic circuits. Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only) create electronic circuits. An electronics kit in your computer! Build circuits with resistors, light bulbs, batteries, and switches. Take measurements with the realistic ammeter and voltmeter. View the circuit...

Size: 15.6 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29.95 | Category: Science
Visual Calculator Integrated Circuits Want to analyze circuits quickly and easily? Want to analyze circuits quickly and easily? Tired of using a pocket calculator? Forgot the formula for a calculation? Then, the Visual Calculator is what you have been waiting for. With the visual calculator circuits on your computer screen, you...

OS: Windows
Size: 7.3 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Misc. Applications
EITester EITester can create logic circuits. EITester can create logic circuits. Generation and display of random logic circuits to practice various algorithms. Especially useful for EI students.

Size: 11.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Sports
Car Racing 2013 A cool Formula 1 application that shows the key info for all the races in 2013. It uses bing maps to show you all the circuits and you can zoom in and out which is really cool for circuits like Monaco. It shows detailed info of the track and has links to the main web-sites for each of the circuits.

The app shows the latest news, the latest F1 tweets, the current current weather forecast for each of the circuits and provides...

OS: Windows
Size: 650.8 KB | License: Freeware | Category: CAD and CAM
Circuit Simulator Demonstrates various electronic circuits. Demonstrates various electronic circuits. Circuit Simulator is a Java applet, an electronic circuit simulator. When the applet starts up you will see an animated schematic of a simple LRC circuit. The green color indicates positive voltage. The...

Size: 6.6 MB | License: Freeware | Category: CAD and CAM
Logisim Logisim is an educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. Logisim is an educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. With its simple toolbar interface and simulation of circuits as you build them, it is simple enough to facilitate learning the most basic concepts related to logic...

Size: 5.8 MB | License: Shareware | Category: CAD and CAM
Livewire Design and simulate electronic circuits. Design and simulate electronic circuits. Livewire is a sophisticated program package for designing and simulating electronic circuits. Switches, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits and hundreds of other components can all be connected...

Size: 307.7 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Misc. Applications
LogicSim Create logic circuits fast and easy. Create logic circuits fast and easy. LogicSim help you design and simulate digital logic circuits with logic gates like AND, OR, FlipFlop, etc. The following types of logic gates are included: 1. Basic: AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR (Antivalence),...

Size: 2.7 MB | License: Commercial | Price: US$24.73 | Category: eBooks
Power Supply Challenge This program provides realistic troubleshooting activities of almost unlimited variety on DC Power Supplies. Students practice troubleshooting half-wave, full-wave, and bridge type power supply circuits using a voltmeter or oscilloscope. Student responses are scored and corrected immediately. Grades can be recorded on disks or printed on a certificate.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Circuit Testing, Electricity, Electronics, Oscilloscope, Power Supply, Troubleshoot, Voltmeter
Size: 1024.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$0.99 | Category: Sports
Climb Up Climbers of all levels, an app that is dedicated to you has finally reached your phone.
With this app, you wont get lost anymore in the many areas of Fontainebleau.

** The trial version doesn't contain all the areas **

- View areas and their different circuits.
- Start the navigation app to drive to the parking spot.
- List of boulders with their names.
- Mark the successful boulders...

OS: Windows
Size: 1.2 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$20 | Category: Calculators/Converters
HAMIC HAMIC, the HAM Intelligent Calculator, is designed to aid HAM perform a number of calculations. HAMIC has a simple to use, but powerful graphical interface that allows solving simple circuits such as resistors in series or parallel, or more complex circuits such as L networks or T networks. As well, other calculations such as SWR and reactance conversions are supported.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Calculator, Capacitors, Circuits, Frequency, Ham, Impedance, Inductance, L-network, Networks, Pi-network
Size: 422.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Network Tools
SuperCAD/Mobile SuperCAD/Mobile is a program that is specialized for drawing electronic circuits. SuperCAD/Mobile is a program that is specialized for drawing electronic circuits. It comes with over 1000 part symbols including TTL, CMOS, analog, discrete, and microcontrollers. Edit operations include object placement, moving, deleting,...

OS: Windows
Size: 25.2 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Science
300 Radio Electronics schemes A collection of schematic diagrams for Electronics Engineers. More than 300 schemes conveniently sorted into categories, easy to navigate. It will be of interest and use to radio amateurs and those who are interested in radio electronics. A collection of electronics circuits. More than 300 schemes conveniently sorted into categories , easy to navigate . The collection will be of interest and use to radio amateurs and those who are interested in radio electronics . This volume...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Amateur Radio, Amplifiers, Circuit, Circuit Diagrams, Circuits, Collection Of Electronic Circuits, Electronics, Ham Radio, Radiohobby