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B In Paris

Size: 1.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$14.95
Category: Puzzle Games
B-Jigsaw B-Jigsaw is the electronic version of the classic jigsaw puzzle game, with pieces shaped like the real jigsaw pieces. B-Jigsaw allows you to create and play jigsaw puzzles with your own pictures. You can also print them on paper or send them to your friends via e-mail.
Size: 2.5 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$395 | Category: Misc. Applications
B-Coder Pro B-Coder Pro is an extremely easy-to-use program that generates professional quality barcodes of all major symbologies and any size. Easily incorporate bar code technology into any Windows program - MS Word, Access, WordPerfect, Quark, PageMaker, etc. Instead of dealing with expensive and complicated bar code label design programs, simply paste perfect bar codes into the programs that you already know how to use!

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Bar Code, Barcode, Barcode Font, Barcoding, Code 128, Code 39, Ean, Itf, Pdf417, Upc
Size: 3.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$15.95 | Category: Miscellaneous
Air Force Screensaver This screensaver shows images of USA Air Force and NATO. Gallery includes such planes models: F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, F-16 XL2, F-18 Hornet, F-22 Raptor,SR-71 Blackbird, Blackbird, B-1 Lancer, Harrier, Tornado, F-106, B-2, KC-135 Stratotanket, E-3 Sentry, A-10 Thunderbolt. As well as helicopters AH-64 Apache, MH-53. Else you'll see two planes from series X-Project is X-32 and X-35. The screen saver includes 33 images.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: A-10 Thunderbolt, Ah-64 Apache, Air Force Screensaver, B-1, B-2, Blackbird, E-3 Sentry, F-106, F-14, F-15
Size: 4.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$10 | Category: Art & Graphics
Paris Fashion Plates Screen Saver Enjoy the colorful and suprisingly whimsical Edwardian Paris fashion plates that illustrate pre-war Haute Couture. We have chosen these 80 plates for their artistic qualities. Art Deco influenced many of these artists. This is advertising art at it's finest.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Edwardian, Fashion, Fashion Plates, Haute Couture, Illustrations, Paris, Parisianne, Saver, Screensaver
Size: 4.5 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$24.95 | Category: Advanced Browsers
Paris Hilton Browser Download Advanced Tabbed Web Browser featuring socialite Paris Hilton. Aside from this browser having a Paris Hilton Interface, its features include: Pop-Up Blocker, tabbed multiple site browsing, auto login, and save groups of pages. Access Paris Hilton Forums and chat rooms and get the scoop on her latest fashion trends and parties.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Celebrities, Hilton Heiress, Hilton Hotels, Hilton Sisters, P. Hilton, Paris, Paris Hilton, Socialites, Tabbed Browser, The Simple Life
Size: 2.9 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Arcade Games
B.I.R.D. B.I.R.D. is original arcade game with great graphics and sound. Fly your way through 30 levels avoiding objects thrown at you to anger enemies, bombard them with natural ammo, collect tons of bonuses, play minigames and more! They've stolen your eggs, it's time for B.I.R.D.! This is original arcade game with great graphics and sound. Fly your way through 30 levels, 3 different environments(spring, winter, desert) with different enemies. Avoid objects thrown at you to...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Action, Arcade, Bird Game, Original Game
Size: 279.0 KB | License: Demo | Price: US$79 | Category: Misc. Applications
PrecisionID OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts The PrecisionID OCR Font Package contains two OCR fonts, OCR-A and OCR-B in TrueType and PostScript format. Both are ISO and ANSI size 1, 10CPI. These fonts also support OCR A1 and OCR B1 for Eurobanking. A setup file is supplied to ease installation.

OS: Windows, Mac, Pocket PC
Software Terms: Ocr A1, Ocr B1, Ocr-a, Ocr-b
Size: 26.3 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$223 | Category: Finance Software
B-free Small Business (Australia) B-free Award Wining Online Accounting Software There is nothing like the freedom of running your own business but the paperwork and record keeping can drain your enthusiasm, time and energy. Slash your compliance costs with B-free Small Business and have more time to run your business! B-free...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Accountant, Accounting, Activity, Australia, B-free, Bas, Business, Finance, Gst, Online
Size: 645.8 KB | License: Commercial | Price: US$89 | Category: Enterprise Software
TechnoRiver MICR Font TechnoRiver MICR TrueType Font allows you to print the digits and special characters at the bottom of a check. The font is based on the E13-B industry standard, which is used in the United States and many countries throughout the world. TechnoRiver MICR Font allows you to print the digits and special characters of a check. These digits are usually found at the bottom of the checks and can be read by MICR Readers. TechnoRiver MICR Font is based on the E13-B industry standard....

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Check Printing, Check Scanning, Cheque Printing, E13-b, E13b, Micr Font, Micr Fonts
Size: 109.4 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$69 | Category: Audio Composers
Absolute Steinway B Piano The Absolute Piano Steinway B really exploit the VST plug-in concept by adding specific and innovative possibilities to a very hi-quality sound bank. With its standalone version you can play, learn and record piano midi files to WAV. The key features of the Absolute piano Steinway B : - Optimization : even if the Absolute Piano is small, if you compare to its competitors, it is based on a very optimized high quality sound bank and it sounds fantastic. Yes, small can be...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Bank, Bosendorfer, Concert, Learn, Midi, Piano, Player, Plug-ins, Plugin, Samples
Size: 1.5 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Word Games
1st Paris Puzzle Game Part 1 Visit Paris in this good looking game. Visit Paris in this good looking game. Enjoy "Choco Caf ", see Paris from Eifell tower, travel with parisien subway and watch the street artist in Montmartre... Game is easy to play, you can control everything only with mouse. 1st Paris Free...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: F0 Title, Free Game Downloads, Free Online Games, Hafanana, Sf1 Title
Size: 819.2 KB | License: Demo | Price: US$49.95 | Category: Finance Software
099-B Automates preparation and printing of 1099-B. Automates preparation and printing of 1099-B. Detach and insert Copy A of an IRS form into your printer and the software will print your data on top of the IRS form. You can adjust the left and top margins so that the data prints perfectly on the...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: 1099 Form, 1099 Forms, 1099 Reporting, 1099 Reporting Software, 1099 Software, 1099 Tax Form Software, 1099 Tax Software, Federal Tax Form 1099, Information Returns, Irs 1099 Forms
Size: 3.4 MB | License: Shareware | Category: Internet Phones
B-Alert B-ALERT is a multipurpose ISDN-answeringmachine. B-ALERT is a multipurpose ISDN-answeringmachine. It is possible for more than 1 number (max.10) doorschakeling/DTMF-navigator serve as an answering machine. Bulletins are stored on the computer and can later by number be listened to. But what...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Antwoordapparaat, B-alert, Balert, Blacki, Blackpage, Blackpage Software, Blackpage-software, Doorschakelen, Dtmf, Email
Size: 7.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Screensavers
Around the World: Paris Find yourself in the very heart of Paris, one of the most fascinating and romantic cities in the world. Find yourself in the very heart of Paris, one of the most fascinating and romantic cities in the world. You will be impressed by the gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower, a legendary symbol of elegance and innovation, especially when it sparkles at...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: 3d, 3d Screensaver, Download, Downloads, Fantasy, Free, Freeware, Holiday, Holidays, Nature
Size: 15.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$10 | Category: Misc. Games
Bed and breakfast paris Global warming and environmental issues have never been so covered in the media. Global warming and environmental issues have never been so covered in the media. It needs to be talked about. People are beginning to realize that something must be done to help stop the ill effects of pollution and environmental irresponsibility.

OS: Windows
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