USB Lock RP 5.21

Software ID: 96353
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USB Lock RP 5.21 Description

Remotely controlling the use of:

usb port security Removable Drives
USB storage:Thumb drives, pen drives, IPods, mp3 players, smartcard converter drives...
Smartcard readers CF, SD,SD Micro,MMC, XD...
Other external drives e-SATA, Zip drives...,
usb port security Compact discs
CD's, DVD's
usb port security Wireless Transceivers:
Infrared (IrDA),USB port Bluetooth

Straightforward Capabilities:
Block, allow, or authorize devices usage in your network in real time. (the control can be installed on any PC or Server in your network)
Receive blocked, allowed or authorized insertion alerts in real-time (alerts are logged to both the global and the corresponding machine reports)
Make per machine volatile or permanent authorizations to allow up to 10 specific usb storage devices to work on each client PC.
Elevate up to 10 client authorizations to network wide autorized level( allowing those devices to operate in all client PCs)
Generate global security status or per machine Protection History reports at any time.
Audit at anytime in real-time: System Information, installed software, installed windows updates and windows security patches, and running processes on any client.
Remote upgrade/update clients : When upgrading you receive a control upgrade and clients get auto updated automatically from the control.
Show who is not conected in your network. rebooting, shutdown or uninstalling any of the client PCs on the network.

Size: 900.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Security and Encryption
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