Nessy Tales 1.0

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Nessy Tales 1.0 Description

Nessy Tales are animated reading books, structured with a limited vocabulary while retaining a vivid storyline. The careful choice of graded words provides vital reading practice at the beginning stages of reading but the story content is suitable for a slightly older age group who may have fallen behind.

Key Features:

* Narration can be turned on or off to allow for periods of rest between reading but with continued enjoyment of the story
* Builds important early reading skills, word recognition, vocabulary , comprehension and listening skills
* Reinforces learning with printable support resources from our website
* Short stories mean the tales can be enjoyed by children with a limited concentration span
* Great for a whole class when used with interactive white boards
* Provides vital practice at transferring knowledge of individual words in context
* Uses decodable words that can be read by sounding out letters and blending them together

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