ManySMSenderX 2.4.3

Software ID: 119666
 (512k)  -   05 s
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 (2Mb)  -   02 s
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ManySMSenderX 2.4.3 Description

ManySMSenderX 2.4.3 is an innovative and versatile utility.Major Features: Send/View 7,8-bit and Unicode SMS.Support 8-bit and Unicode phonebook entries names(phone dependent).Support all known standard phonebooks (New/Edit/Move/Copy functions).Save/Load phonebooks to/from files.View EMS messages(only predefined sounds & pictures) even if phone doesn't support EMS.Support all known short messages memories (SIM, Mobile, Broadcast, etc).Save messages.Use control-click (right click) in dialog list boxes to access most functions.Demo version now have only one restriction - send short messages with no more than 10 symbols.