ACT-CSV Converter 1.3

Software ID: 57008

ACT-CSV Converter 1.3 Description

ACT-CSV Converter lets you convert information between ACT! by Sage and CSV (comma separated value) files.

ACT-CSV Converter works with ACT! Contacts and ACT! Calendar information. You may convert these information to CSV files or convert information from CSV files to ACT!.

Advanced Features in ACT-CSV Converter:
. ACT-CSV Converter has a step-by-step wizard interface to let you convert information simply.
. ACT-CSV Converter supports more than 50 fields in the information conversion.
. ACT-CSV Converter supports custom fields, which means you may insert information defined by yourself in the conversion.
. When converting ACT! to CSV, you may choose to create new CSV file or append the information to existed files.
. When converting CSV files to ACT!, ACT-CSV Converter has duplicates checking mechanism to avoid generating duplicate information after the conversion.
. And much more...

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