PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2

Software ID: 52718

PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2 Description

Tired of waiting for pictures to download? Searching for that perfect ClipArt, or Raytraced Images (or other binary file), but can't stand searching through GigaBytes of Postings? That is why I wrote PictureSnooper!!
PictureSnooper is an Application that Searches UseNet NewsGroups for binary files, while you are having dinner, at the movies, or even sleeping. These binary files are usually pictures (and sometimes executables and HTML files). After finding a binary file, PictureSnooperPE downloads the file, decodes that file, and saves that file to the directory of your choice for later viewing.

Features in PictureSnooperPE:
MacOSX Native:
Cocoa Interface, Preference File Handling, Unix Sockets, POSIX Threads, LONG Filenames

Multi-Part Messages:
Multi-Part Message Search, Store, And Automatically Assemble

Auto-Detect Formats And Decode:
UUDecoding, Base64, MIME, yEnc, RAR, PAR, PAR2

Bulk Spam, File FingerPrints (remove duplicate binary files), Authors/Sites, Extensions

Movie Conversion:
Auto Convert Movies From .AVI Format (Like VCD and "Other" Common Formats) To More Popular MPEG and MP4 That Work With The Open Standard Quicktime

Other Features:
Preview Download Images, Picture Previews, Subject/Author Added To Get Info, Favorite Author Search

PowerPC Velocity Engine Accelerated:
File FingerPrints (search Duplicate downloads quicker), Movie Conversion

Mac OS X
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