EximiousSoft Logo Designer 3.65

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EximiousSoft Logo Designer 3.65 Description

EximiousSoft Logo Logo Designer is an excellent editor design tools. Using it, you can ease the creation of a professional visual effects Logos.First of all, the Logo Designer built-in 500 + attractive templates. When starting a new Logo design from a large number of templates and designs to select a template closest target as modeled, and then start your design journey with only a few modifications. Also, Logo Designer provides 5000+ predesigned Logo shapes and 200+ clip arts. During Logo design, you can easily drag or click the mouse to add it to the current design.
The program is also a powerful vector graphics editing design tools. It provides a set of necessary drawing graphics editing tools. Use them, you can easily create a unique shape and fully meet the requirements of your personality. In the Logo Designer, every shape and text can be filled and stroked with in a pure color, gradient colors, and images, patterns. At the same time, It also allows the user to each Logo or text set the shadow, reflections, the 3d bevel, glow and other effects. When stroking for a shape, Logo Designer also supports a variety of forms of the dash style. Make full use of the above design tool, even if you don't have any experience in Logo design, you can still produce a shock and dazzle Logo graphics.
As other excellent vector graphics editor, Logo Designer provides a highly visual editing design environment. It use the current popular Office 2007 Ribbon Style interface. All the operations are adhering to the WYSIWYG design principles. Logo Designer support at any time, anywhere to cancel and redo editing actions. Based on the above Logo Designer provide excellent characteristics, when you at the design time, you can not only easy, but also smooth. EximiousSoft Logo Designer allows you to save a high-resolution designed Logo (can go to 600 DPI, or more) of the image, or print them out. It supports all the popular image formats, such as, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, etc.

Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 98, Windows XP, Win2000, WinVista
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