Live Backup Now 5.0.1

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Live Backup Now 5.0.1 Description

Live Backup Now is a real-time and continuous file backup software. Live Backup Now is a real-time and continuous file backup program for user endpoints and file servers.1. It automatilcally backs up your most critical files the moment they are saved.
2. It helps you to capture every save of a file when it occurs and protect against corruption, file loss.
3. It allows you to restore data to any point in time in CDP mode(continuous data protection).You do not have to think about it anymore, your data will be backed up automatically in the background.
4. Working with multiple backup/replication targets (local disk, Network drive, removable media, NAS device),or backup to FTP in real-time.Live Backup Now Features:
1. Real-time and Continuous backup in the background
It automatically backs up files every time they are modified. It takes very little in the way of system resources to run seamlessly in the background. Automatically constantly, without you having to interrupt your work. Perform full, real-time incremental, real-time mirror and CDP(continuous data protection)2. Full backup
Real-time Incremental -Only new or updted items are copied to the backup archive. Real-time Mirror - Make backup archive exact same as source files. CDP (continuous data protection).captures every version of the files that user saves, automatically saving a copy of every change made files. It allows the user to restore data to any point in time.3. Flexibility in setting the data sources
Live Backup Now performs folders backup or single file backup, and also predefined backups, such as My Documents, My Pictures, Internet Explorer Favorites, Mozilla FireFox Profiles, and Windows Mail, etc.4. Backup to any media device
Local or external drive, USB memory stick, network drives (also universal naming convention paths UNC), network attached storage (NAS), as well as Internet or Intranet FTP server (fast internet connection provided).5. Flexible filtering system
When defining a backup job you can also set file filters.exclude file name extensions and exclue file name.6. ZIP compression and data encryption
Live Backup Now has ZIP64 support (can create backups over 2 GB) and creates standard zip files, meaning that you can access it with any zip compatible utility. by password to protect backed up data (ZIP 2.0, AES-128, AES-256).7. Restore data to original or any location
Offer saved data to the original or any other location. The backup as ZIP file format as well as the clear directory structure enable data recovery with the Windows -Explorer only, even without the original backup software. you can select a restore location that is different from the original location, you can do that to make sure you're not losing any files and to protect yourself from making mistakes while trying to recover a disaster.8. Safe copy using temporary files
Live Backup Now does not copy source file directly to the destination file, as it would result in corruption of destination file is copy operation is aborted mid-way. Instead Live Backup Now copies source file to temporary file in destination folder and once copy operation is finished, temporary file is renamed to the destination file.9. Auto send backup data when the drive is connected
Live Backup Now automatically backing up each file or each change in a file every time the file is saved. And if you're not connected to your network or your removable media (such as USB or your FTP server), the backup is saved to the local hard drive, then sent to the drives the next time you connect.10. Deleted File Protection
Live Backup Now saves a file just before backup replaces and deletes or restore this file. The file is saved to Deleted File Protection folder on your local PC, so you can go back to any preexisting version.11. Other
* Detailed log of backed up files
* Mini Window for Specialized Applications
* Job List Pane as Main Control Panel
* 64-bit version, not just 32-bit

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