ATLAS.ti 6.2.27

Software ID: 139237

ATLAS.ti 6.2.27 Description

ATLAS.ti is a strong workbench for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio, and video data. It offers a variety of tools for accomplishing the tasks associated with any systematic approach to unstructured data, e.g., data that cannot be meaningfully analyzed by formal, statistical approaches. In the course of such a qualitative analysis, ATLAS.ti helps you to explore the complex phenomena hidden in your data. For coping with the inherent complexity of the tasks and the data, ATLAS.ti offers a strong and intuitive environment that keeps you focused on the analyzed materials. It offers tools to manage, extract, compare, explore, and reassemble meaningful pieces from large amounts of data in creative, flexible, yet systematic ways.ATLAS.ti Features:
1. Intuitive interface:
The interface emulates the traditional paper & pencil desktop style. Source data is displayed on the left side of the screen while marked segments, codes, and notes about the data appear in the margin area on the right-hand side.2. Great usability:
All functions can be either accessed via the main menu, the tool bar, context menus and keyboard.3. Quick access:
All object types are easily accessible via combo boxes and independent object managers.4. Logical structure:
The structure of the menus is based around the main object types and therefore it is easy to quickly find the options one is looking for.5. Multi-tasking:
ATLAS.ti allows any combination of functions to be open together.6. Intelligent margin area:
ATLAS.ti offers an interactive and flexible margin views. View and modify coded segments, codes, attached memos and comments and hyperlinks in the margin view. Choose between viewing only codes, memos or hyperlinks, or a combination.7. Line wrapping:
When viewing data within the software, ATLAS.ti provides line wrapping of text when the window size is reduced / enlarged.8. Huge number of supported data formats:
Use text documents in plain text, Rich Text or PDF formats, work with audio files in mp3, au, wma, or wav format, with video files in mpeg, wmf, or avi formats, with graphic files like tif, multi page tif, gif, emf, jpeg formats, or with live Google Earth documents, kml and kmz formats (and many more).9. Intelligent data file management:
ATLAS.ti uses an external referencing system for your data files. This makes it possible to work with a large data files like video files or with a large amount of data files. The ATLAS.ti project file remains rather small, as it only stores the information that you generate about your data, but not the data itself.10. Editable data sources:
Coded text can be modified if needed, e.g. to correct typing errors, add missing or new data, to add further information like tables and figures. Color your written text or highlight text segments using a marker. Embedded object can be activated and edited from within the application.11. Multilingual:
ALL languages and characters can be used in every function of the program.12. Text Export:
All text files can be exported as PDF, complete with codings and line/parahgraph numbering.13. Easy backup:
Copy Bundle tool stores the entire project in one compressed data file. The user can determine which data files are included in / excluded from the bundle. Use the bundled project file as secure backup or to transfer a project between computers / users.14. Embedded object:
Access all embedded OLE objects.15. Object Explorer:
The object explorer functions like a directory of your entire project. It displays all objects and their related sub-objects (documents and their quotations, codes and their quotations, memos and their linked objects, families of objects and their members, network views with the objects they contain) in a hierarchical tree view. Access your data via the various sub trees directly.16. Drag & Drop coding:
The Code Manager and Code Forest can be used for drag & drop coding.17. Powerful, integrated object management:
The strong object managers help you stay organized by providing overview of the various object types like primary documents; quotations (i.e. coded segments), codes, memos and saved network views.18. Document Management:
Lets you manage all assigned documents and indicates if there are problems (such as unavailable paths, drives, etc.).19. Quotation Manager:
Lets you manage all coded data segments. You can name or rename each quotation ID, sort, filter or delete quotations, write comments or review commented segments.20. Code Management:
Gives you a full overview of all codes at any time and lets you manage (sort, rename, merge, delete) your codes handyly.21. Memo Manager:
Gives you a full overview of all memos at any time and lets you manage (sort, rename, delete, apply) or review your memos.22. Link Management:
Gives you a full overview of all links at any time and lets you manage (sort, modify, rename, delete) your codes handyly .23. Fine-grained units of analysis:
Text: character / image: pixel / audio: millisecond / video: frame.24. Automatic segment selection:
When selecting text, precise text segments (word, sentence, or paragraph) can be selected via a double click.25. Interactive and flexible coding:
Various ways of coding via the main menu, the context menu, icons in the tool bar of via drag & drop from the code manger or code forest.26. Coding always visible:
It is easy to see immediately how codes are building up at the document level as you proceed; you see the codes in the margin area appearing simultaneously as you code.27. Unlimited codes:
There are no limits in terms of number of codes, or levels of overlapping codes. Multiple codes can be applied to one data segment.28. Code transparency:
A variety of information types are provided for each code, such as the code name, frequency, linkages to other codes, author, date of creation and modification. This information can be used to sort the codes in multiple ways.29. Powerful Code Manager:
Quick and easy access to all codes and all coding options. Code views and code colors can be changed to suit different purposes. Codes and coded segments can be easily modified. Code definitions are at all times visible during coding.30. Interactive margin area:
The codes in the margin area are interactive, a right click opens a context menu with relevant options, codes can be moved around and attached to other segments, duplicated, exchanged. Coded segments can be resized.31. Color-coded codes:
Different colors help to orient the user regarding the allocation of codes to the various segments. This is especially useful when printing or saving coded data.32. Grouping and filtering codes:
Codes can be grouped e.g. to higher order concepts using the code family tool. Code families can be used as filter, to facilitate searches or as a means to visualize the coding schema.33. Auto-coding:
Automatic coding is possible (see text search).34. Weightable codes:
Weight your codes using a user-defined syntax. Weighted codes can be used as ordinal variables in SPSS.35. Code lists:
Entire code lists, code definitions, can be exported and imported .Limitations:
* Store projects with the following limits: 10 primary docs, 50 codes, 100 quotations, 30 memos and 10 network viewers.

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